Volume 9 released


As promised, I publicly released volume 9 today. You’ll find it in the “sample and volume translations” for volume 9. I’m waiting for a graphic to be finished, so those of you interested in a PDF will have to wait until that’s finished.

For those of you that watched Departures and are looking to see what happens next, you might as well pick up the novel and start reading volume 9. Volume 9 more or less serves as the reintroduction of the Hero Clan into the series. One of my issues with the first half of the series, has always been that it focused way too much on the Demons. The focus on the Hero Clan was a much needed change of pace, which worked well for the series. One of my favorite characters, Celis finally gets her introduction. Unfortunately you only get to see one side of her in volume 9.

I have to go post translation updates for donors. Stay tuned for volume 10’s public release.

*edit this post will be updated with my soap box rant on why you should support the series and purchase the raws even if you can’t read japanese.*

44 thoughts on “Volume 9 released

  1. Gah, Maria with that stupidly big bag. I wanna volume 11 but you always don’t get what you want *cries in eunuch*

    1. Thanks for reminding me to ask Yoshi about Maria’s big bag. I’m under the impression that she just went prepared for any situation.

      1. That bag is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen this week and yes, that included the face of my ”mother-in-law.”

  2. Seriously though, I want to see Uesu’s description for Maria with that huge bag, if it even is in the novels. Thats from Departures, right?

    1. its from Departures yes, the gap in quality between that lineup image of characters next to each other and the background of this site (with mio looking over her shoulder) is quite noticable

    1. That’s arguably the best color illustration in the series. I understand why Chisato was left out though. It would have been major spoilers and ruined her surprise appearance in volume 10. All I need from volume 13 is an illustration of Jin being a badass, a family portrait of everyone, and Toujou babies for me to be satisfied.

    1. According to Uesu, Sirou is supposed to be stupidly overpowered, but as of right now it’s hard to compare him with Basara since we haven’t gotten to see the full extent of his abilities. The same goes for Chisato vs Mika. It would be fun to see though. Basara is supposed to cameo in the Overdone manga at some point. Maybe Uesu will end up writing an SS so Akatsuki, Basara, and Sirou can all duke it out.

        1. That wouldn’t work out since Basara is the really stingy about his girls and is the only Uesu MC that has a “completed series” and is married.

    2. Basara’s meat burrito and Chisato’s watermelons are bigger than Sirou’s and Goddess Michael’s service equipment so they win the battle by default

      1. Sensei does have a good set of watermelons, lol
        Why did the anime studio animate chisato with only set of clothes though
        In early volumes didn’t she have like a red shirt with some buttons open while Basara had problems looking away

        1. I have anime lineart of Chisato in different outfits. Back in the beginning of the series, she used to wear a red shirt, but that evolved into different variations of the green sweater, mini skirt and cross motif garter stockings combo. If anything blame Basara liking the green sweater.

  3. also, I just realized that I can’t get into highschool dxd no matter what because Issei sucks as a character. Hell, most characters suck ass

      1. Most novels aren’t perfect. Uesu’s writing style isn’t the easiest for some people to follow. He has a habit of using side story material to better explain events of the main series. My issues with Shinmai are in regards to the pacing of the early novels, and how Uesu has waiting until after the series is “over” to properly flesh out the Ten Gods and divine realm.

  4. I saw you mention that people were displeased the weak beginnings of the Chi/Basara relationship and the more I think about the more brilliant the way Uesu handled Sirou/Mika is. Basara and sensei definitely should have already been in a secret relationship before Mio and Yuki entered the picture, it would completely change the flimsy excuses for his cheating his harem with the older lady despite having four or five girlfriends already. It would also explain Basaras skill in relieving the girls with his skilled touches right off the bat. It makes so much sense that it hurts, my gods

    1. The way Uesu has handled Mika x Sirou isn’t really brilliant. Uesu telling the readers that Sirou and Mika are in a romantic relationship just makes things easier for some readers to follow. Shinmai wouldn’t have worked if Basara and Chisato were in a romantic relationship before Mio and Yuki entered the picture. If Uesu was to start Shinmai by saying that Basara and Chisato were in a romantic relationship, then we would have missed out on all of the nice development moments that are part of the Basara x Chisato ride. Volume 10 onwards and all of the drama and build up surrounding the vow just wouldn’t work right anymore. Basara never made excuses for not coming clean to Mio and company. it was difficult for him to keep his relationship with Chisato a secret, but ultimately it turned out to be the correct course of action. Besides the girls didn’t really mind that Basara kept it from them, because he always had their best interests at heart. Finally Basara lives with an ero loli succubus that dedicated herself to his ero development. Of course, he would get skilled at developing skilled touches to bring girls to climax fairly fast. However it isn’t until he’s in a relationship with Chisato, that things start really developing in terms of how far he’s willing to go regarding lewd actions.

      1. I hear what you are saying. However I find it BS that the girls didn’t have a problem with his cheating, that’s why I would personally have ChiHase being the first one to soften the blow. Uesu took the easy way ou with that decision. Basara would still not know about her being God or any of that, though. The origin of how their fun student-teacher relationship started could be shown in flashbacks or have basically whole volumes or chapters didicated to them, like chapter 1 of vol 12. The scenes from the series could still be in there, I mean. I fully expect Uesu to do this with Mika and Sirou since it would be weird not to but if he doesn’t then that’s greatly disappointing. In any case, It really doesn’t bother me that much, what is done is done and the way overdone series handles it simply is the way I prefer it. It is still too early to tell, we don’t even know whether Overdone will get finished one day.

        1. The girls didn’t necessarily like that they were kept in the dark, but they knew both Basara and Chisato had their best interests at heart with keeping it from them. Mio herself says that the girls don’t mind that Basara keeps secrets from them. If they did mind everyone would have been dead long ago.

          People can always make the argument that Uesu made things easier to follow by simply stating the Sirou and Mika are in a romantic relationship as early as volume 1. That’s it though. You can’t really compare it with a fully developed relationship. Comparing a secret relationship in a harem series, with a secret relationship in a series that isn’t necessarily a harem series (as of yet anyways) isn’t really fair. Uesu planted the seeds for Basara x Chisato as early as volume 2, with Basara wondering about what it would be like to have a contract with her. The bath scene in volume 4 more or less served as the point of no return, where Uesu decided to turn her into a heroine. We still have yet to see if Mika x Sirou is anywhere near as enjoyable as the ride that is Chisato x Basara.

  5. I’m gonna write my own Shinmai Testament fanfiction where things will be set straight and it will be super long and I bet that Uesu-sensei will weep when I mail it to him.

    1. 1. Ishibumi’s writing style is too childish for my tastes.
      2. I prefer triage x over hotd
      3. I’m biased towards Shinmai since I’m a Uesu fan
      4. I love Claire as a character. I had a nice conversation with Misaki Jun back when Hundred’s final volume released, and I support the ending he went with.
      5. OG Queens blade is cool, but I always preferred Ikkitousen.

  6. Cbc, are u gonna go get super drunk on new years eve and travel from pub to pub while spreading uesu’s message about how great shinmai maou testament is?

    1. Uesu, Ookuma, and Sneaker Bunko have done a good job promoting the series over the years. I like Shinmai, but not enough to go from pub to pub talking about how great it is lol. I’ll probably drink enough to not be hungover on New Years day though.

      1. but think of all the buys u could get, just describe the series and the worldbuilding and hasegawa-sensei to the fellow drunken partygoers and youll get many customers as long as u dont get your ass kicked lol, they will buy the translations and youll be rich enough to buy a golden boat in return. i will get drunk enough to see uesu and ookuma as blue force ghosts who nods in approval

        1. To be quite honest, talking about a light novel and fictional characters in a pub isn’t my idea of a good time. I’m sure there’s people that are into that sort of thing, but it isn’t my lane. The series has always done a good job of promoting itself though.

  7. maybe that way i can be left alone on tonight, by annoying others by talking about silly light novels about magic and titties, no one wants to call me after that especially after i reach the crazy sex stuff from later volumes

  8. whether in volume 8 chapter 3, basara has sex with chisato?
    and in what volume do they have sex?

    please explain?

    1. Basara and Chisato don’t have sex in volume 8 chapter 3. They have sex in volume 12 chapter 1. Speaking in terms of the chronological timeline, the events of volume 12 chapter 1 happen before the first chapter of volume 11.

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