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As promised, I posted volume 10 sometime by the end of the month. I’m still curious as to whether or not some people will still say that a season 3 would be all sex and no plot. My favorite moments in the volume would have to be when Chisato shows up, because she’s a scene stealer every-time she shows up. Her line at the end of part 22 of chapter 2 plays an important role in volume 11. Basara’s nightmare scene takes the crown though. It’s pure “feels”.  If you weren’t already aware of it, Shiba is a legit savage, and it just goes to show how far under Basara’s skin he actually gets. It also makes volume 11 epilogue and volume 12 interactions interesting in hindsight. With the nightmare scene we also got to see the version of Basara that gives up on himself, that Sheila was so concerned about back in volume 8. Enough with my rambling, enjoy.

Still haven’t decided if we’ll be releasing volume 11 or one of the side story volumes next, so stay tuned.

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  1. Thank you kindly. Hope volume 11 is posted next. P.s. in my opinion there was plenty of plot in volume, 9, 10, 11(summary) and 12(summary), as well as character development and action fueled fight scenes, that would make a great season 3. The sex was/is just a bonus.

      1. Thanks, I’ll read it.

        Why is Chisato attracted to him in the first place? I assume she’s old enough to be his mother.

        1. Because she thought it was cute how much he sacrificed for Mio and company, and was still able to hold himself back in sexual situations with them. Prior to meeting Basara again, Chisato was a closed off person, that lost faith in herself, as well as others. Love and romantic feelings served her no purpose.

        1. It’s actually has more to do with him being the only person that was allowed to be sexually attracted to her. No other dude could ever be sexually attracted to her due to her powers. That’s why she didn’t have a fan club at the school like Mio and Yuki, despite being the true idol of the school.

    1. Chisato is unwavering in her love for Basara and loves him more than anybody else ever possibly could. Lost Valentines Day from Sweet deals with the “age gap”.

        1. It’s explicitly stated in volume 10 chapter 3 part 2. There isn’t a list of who loves Basara from most to least. All of the girls were able to tie the vow with him, so there’s no point in making a list.

    1. A bunch of shit could have been different. For starters, I don’t think Basara, Mio, and Maria would have met under the same circumstances. Jin most likely would have been the one captured trying to save Raphaeline, instead of Sapphire. Sapphire might have assumed the role of demon lord, and Basara could have possibly been raised by Chisato away from all the bullshit.

    1. It wouldn’t be that different from his relationship with Jin. Basara would most likely have a much stronger sense of justice, since Sapphire really valued using her strength to fight for others instead of herself.

  2. Would Sapphire be able to live a normal life in the human world though? Since she has horns and weird ears, she’d attract attention.

    1. She is a good mother. She was able to calm him down after he first moved to Tokyo, when his PTSD from the tragedy in the Village was debilitating for him.

        1. that was in volume 8 chapter 3. She calms him down and then leaves to go after Raphaeline (but Sapphire getting captured isn’t something that Jin figures out until the volume 11 epilogue).

      1. Does both of Basara’s mothers appear in the light novels? If so, then I have missed those parts or at least I dont remember such village flashbacks, and vol 12 has not been fully translated yet

        1. They appear in volume 8 when Chisato tells Basara the story about them. Sapphire visits Basara when he first moves to Tokyo, but she erases his memory when she leaves. They are brought up multiple times in the volume 11 epilogue, while Jin is confronting Albareos, Jin telling Basara his intention of going to the divine realm to save the both of them, Basara and Lars discussing the future of the politics of the demons and Heroes.

  3. as much as I enjoy these CBC q&a sessions to all kinds of info about the ligh novel, I wish the actual Shinmai wiki would be up to date for fans looking for answers and information about characters, world and the general lore and whatnot

    1. Due to IRL work, my free time is somewhat limited. Every time I try to sit down and make substantive updates, I end up doing something else instead lol. As long as people have a fandom account (it’s not longer wikia anymore), they are able to make updates. I’ll be more than happy to double check additions people make.

    1. When she visited Basara, She was just passing through, because she heard about what happened in the village. I’m not sure what Sapphire would do, but she would most likely want to keep a low profile.

      1. Oh I didn’t know that youre the one handling the wiki site as well. My intention wasnt to put the blame on you or anything, it just would make more sense for seekers of answers to go read stuff from there instead of throwing questions at the only guy who is known to know shit about this series

        1. I handle pretty much everything lol. It’s honestly funny how some people like to spam that Mio is so popular, but her wiki page is one of the worst off in terms of information.

  4. Just found out you finished volume 9 and 10 when I wasn’t looking. Is volume 10 a good place to end? I don’t want to be crushed by a horrible cliffhanger.

    1. Cliffhangers aren’t really Uesu’s style. Volume 10 ends in a funny space, because volumes 10,11, and the first chapter of volume 12 were originally all part of a ridiculously long single volume.

    1. Pending Jin succeeds in the Divine realm, and Uesu decides to include the wedding in volume 13 then we might get a meaningful reunion between Basara and his parents. Since it has a spring release window, anywhere from April-June.

    1. CDJapan is a perfectly fine site. If you’re looking to purchase digital LN’s you might as well just make a bookwalker account or purchase the kindle edition from amazon.

      1. I can’t find that book in bookwalker, must be a regional thing with EU getting shafted. All I can find is the Shinmai no Testament manga books. :sadpanda

      2. I fear that I might end up somehow losing my money trying to go through a japanese website but maybe I’ll try it out

      3. No, wait, I found instructions how to navigate that place.
        Followup questions:
        Is 550 yen (the price of Overdone) really only 5 dollars?
        And more importantly, in what format will the buyer receive his LN? Is it pdf or epub or..?

        1. Yeah it’s really only $5 and some change (not sure what it will be including tax). With titles purchased from bookwalker, you can only access them using the app for PC/MAC, Android/iOS, or you can just use your web browser.

  5. Well, it’s good to know that I have a cheap method to buy this type of stuff pretty easily if I want but I would still need the ability to paint text with mouse and copy-paste it around using perhaps various translators since Japanese I know not. Sometimes that has been disabled to prevent spreading product around, or something.

    1. Yeah that’s disabled in bookwalker. I primarily use bookwalker, because it’s pretty easy to navigate, carries most series I follow, and the sales are pretty good.

      1. Hey, do you know of this LN called Shuumatsu no Majo Blah Blah Something Too Long

        I have it in Japanese (unfortunately as JPG files so no copying the text) and the illustrations, both the colored and black&white, are quite good in terms of quality when ranked using the Great Ookuma Curve. I don’t know how the story is or how the characters are. I tracked it down coz the cover reminded me of Shinmai, and I happned to see it in bookwalker.

        1. Somebody posted it in discord a couple of months ago since one of the characters looks very similar to Mio lol. Haven’t actually checked it out though.

  6. Hi, i discovered this website after watching the anime, and have some questions. So this website doesn’t show the manga illustrations right? And i can’t seem to find a proper website to buy the manga.

    1. Both versions of the manga are licensed by Seven Seas. I personally prefer bookwalker over other platforms, but the manga can be purchased on amazon as well. One thing to keep in mind though, both versions of the manga have manga original elements that don’t necessarily follow the plot of the light novels.

    1. Volume 13 has a spring release window. Sneaker Bunko has already listed upcoming novels through April. Now this is where things get a bit dicey. May and June are the only remaining months to keep with the spring release window. If Uesu really wanted to go all meta then he would go with June to coincide with Basara and the girls wedding, but that’s more or less my personal theory. There’s also the possibility that there could be a delay, because Ookuma recently lost some work files, and he was fairly upset over it.

  7. If Shiba is the clone of Jin, does that technically makes Shiba Jin’s son( Basara’s brother) or Jin’s brother( Basara’s uncle)?

    1. Biologically speaking, a clone is a clone. A sibling is a sibling. Clones and siblings come about by vary different processes.

  8. Thank you for your effort in translating a greeting from Argentina
    (I do not speak English so I translated this message with google translate xD)

  9. I have two questions is there a time period we can expect that the volume 11 and will you guys also translate the volume 13?

    1. Regarding the public release of volume 11. Soon™, but if you know the general in series timeline then you have a bit of a clue. In the event you can’t wait, you can always become a donor and avoid waiting. Regarding volume 13, Yeah we’ll be doing it.

  10. Hello! When do misara and mio have sex? I heard that they were the first also do they end up together? I feel like he loves her more than the rest but I don’t know

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