December Update

Happy end of the year! Hopefully everyone that participates in the various holidays during this holiday season was able to enjoy them. From what we know canonically, Basara and company end up spending their first holiday together in the demon realm dealing with all the political shenanigans they were forced into. So upon looking at the calendar, I’m pretty sure one of the first culturally important days they get to celebrate together actually happens to be Setsubun. Slayer of The Ogre Slayer fits well with the idea of family spending time together during the holidays. I also updated last months update. If you enjoy Maria and Kurumi together you’ll probably have fun with it. Zest and Yuki also have another interesting conversation that reveals quite a bit about the way Zest thinks.

Anyways I’m going to go enjoy New Years festivities. So have a good one folks.

28 thoughts on “December Update

  1. I’ve been checking on and off for the better part of 9 months, just wondering if your ever going to release the volume 11 prologue for free?

  2. As for volume 11, the legend say you have to seek and ask for it on reddit altho its probably BS and doesnt work all the time

  3. How have you published Shinmi mao’s summaries of volumes 11 and 12 in the testament but don’t have the volumes themselves to read everything? And why don’t you have a translated version of them nowhere?

    1. I have the raws on my bookwalker account. The content posted on this website is for non donors that are patiently waiting for the public release of content.

          1. So volumes 11 and 12 have already been translated and are they available for purchase at this store?

    1. The FAQ page explains it. Basically you send your minimum $10 paypal donation to Nomi’s paypal, email me a copy of your receipt as verification, and then I send you the folders along with extra goodies.

  4. Need to pay $ 10 to receive volumes 11 and 12 ? Do they accept in Brazilian reais ? And is it $ 10 per volume or is it for everything ?

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