January Update

Succubus Oriental answers the question of what would it be like to go on a date with Maria. Of course everything doesn’t go according to Maria’s plan. It does an interesting job with regards to contrasting the culture of the human world and demon realm when it comes to art, and it further explores the lens through which succubus view the human world. There’s some really good wholesome moments and Maria gets a bit of depth added to her that directly ties into her vow.

16 thoughts on “January Update

  1. Just a question, in the Translation/Funding progress page it’s written that the 12th volume is completed, but the chapter two page, “I believe that everyone is happy”, is empty. Is it being edited or reviewed or it is for contributors only?

    1. The side stories are what adds weight to everything Basara and company are doings since being able to live a peaceful life like that is why they are fighting.

  2. When is season 3 the testament of sister new devil release date going to be viewable in English dub in United States USA?

  3. I would like the translated novels and I’ll gladly donate, though I don’t know exactly how much to donate and who to give the payment to. I read the FAQ but I’m still a bit unsure.

  4. Is the time Chisa % Tojou spent in her apartment after the christmas party in volume 6 the second time he and her hookup after Tojou’s first visit to her place (the bath scene)? Not including the kiss in the hallway and the Ornis stuff, but getting fully intimate

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