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I’m not into wrestling but if there was a title belt with the fidget spinner in the middle of it Uesu would be strutting around the ring with it. Shinmai volume 12 only emboldened him as a writer. He really went out of his way to make Yarisugita live up to its namesake and I’m here for him pushing the envelope. When it came to getting Yarisugita green lit (free nipples and all) Dude went into the meeting with the folks in charge and convinced them to let him have his way. “Muh publisher” and “Muh editor problems” be damned. In terms of fanservice, this volume really was just testing the waters. Uesu even happened to work in a sex scene for the people into those.

As a fan of Uesu, I’m really glad to see the dude is getting to live out some of his dreams and work with his favorite anime studio Gohands. Anyways, I’m enjoying the series and the characters so far. Without going into spoilers, Sirou is great and the way the volume ends is interesting with regards to whatever it’s setting up.

So now I’ll be going back to working and playing Ghost of Tsushima.

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  1. Thank you for the new update. Don’t suppose we can get a summary, summarizing the events of the volume, like you did for the shinmai maou translations?

  2. What do you mean you aren’t intro wrestling, brother, eat your vitamins and drop that leg, Mean Gene. Those cruiserweights can cruiserwait, brother

  3. While I do kinda like this new series and it is not bad by any means, it still feels more of the same and its plenty familiar to shinmai in many ways, its still something I read before. The backstory is the interesting part but I doubt we will explore any of it any more.

    1. It shares elements with Give Up, Hagure Yuusha, and Shinmai. At least for me, it’s more interesting than generic magical school battle harem X. If you read all the way through you would see that Sirou’s backstory is the mystery of the series.

  4. how many volumes of YARISUGITA are available and do you think the series has enough potential like shinmai maou no testament ? i’m just asking cause I don’t want to read something that seems likely to be discontinued. Also what did you mean about the studio gohands thing, is he working on an anime ?
    sidenote: since you guys have no other shinmai maou no testament stuff to read might you consider re-editing the first few volumes because i remember having to suffer through reading them.

    1. Uesu has written 3 volumes of Yarisugita so far. Gohands (the animation studio) is Uesu’s favorite anime studio and he was able to convince them to do the illustrations. It’s going to be interesting in the event they decide to make an anime.

    1. If the Rail wars community is open to commissioning Nomi to translate 19 volumes of Rail Wars I’m sure she would be open to doing it.

    1. The mangaka ended it with the conclusion of volume 1 because the biweekly releases started getting too much for him to handle and he wasn’t in a good place mentally as a result.

    1. You’re welcome, and to answer your question yeah. I buy every Uesu novel as soon as it goes live on bookwalker.

  5. I insist, every contribution you give us is fantastic, especially yarisugita.
    I can’t wait for volume 2 and more from mika.
    Once again, thanks for everything.

  6. Hope we get another update soon. And earlier you said this story was similar to Give Up, Hagure Yuusha, and Shinmai Maou. I know what the last two are, but not the first, mind explaining and/or providing a link to wiki with the necessary information on it?

    1. What threads all of Uesu’s works together are the lewds. It’s remained a constant in his writing ever since he entered the game in 2008 with his first series. Give up was his second LN. It’s a three volume highschool romcom with lewds. It ultimately ended up getting canceled. Give Up Bookwalker

  7. Hi.

    Is this similar to Shinmai? Borderline hentai at the start and then full-blown hentai later? Does it seem like it?

    1. There’s a sex scene in volume 1 and volume 2 has two sex scenes that in some ways go further than what was in the later volumes of Shinmai. Yarisugita shares elements with Shinmai, but it’s more similar to Rokudenashi Blues, Bungo Stray Dogs, and Durarara.

  8. I must say the scene in Shinmai where the feared demon lord Wilbert walks into a portal in order to disappear forever, only to pop out a second late with a different beard style and a monocle as part of his new identity in the exact same place where he just left from is really funny to me. I was howling with laughter at how goofy it was, now disguise, mister demon lord. It must have been awkward for the maids and the staff to pretend that they didn’t know it was him, lol.

    1. Well the majority of people don’t know it’s him since he changed his magic signature or something so people couldn’t identify him based off his magic.

      1. Two questions:
        What do we know about Mio’s mother besides absolutely nothing?
        And how did Maria save kid Mio after her fake stepparents were killed by evil dude and how didn’t the evil dude have the time to kill her.

        1. Ashe (Mio’s mom) was a witch. She was born and raised in the human world despite having the blood of demons. After marrying Wilbert, she spent the majority of her time in the castle due to the fact that she looked like a human.

          To answer your second question, Wilbert and Sheila used Mio to draw out opportunists looking to take Wilbert’s power. Mio’s step parent’s were follower’s of Wilbert and knew what they were getting into.

  9. Can you give me a short summary what the heck happens volume 7 of Shinmai? Plotwise I mean. I realized today that it was missing from my calibre library and I hadn’t even noticed which amazed me

    1. Key points: Basara learns he has two moms, Jin teaches Basara gravity slash. Mio stops being a tsundere, Leohart and Liala have sex, Tournament to decide the fate of demon realm. Basara makes high IQ plays to reform the demon realm politics, Basara awakens his dormant demon powers, Belphegor gets his dicks chopped off and bleeds out.

      1. I see. Thanks. Some of these things sound familiar. Was the tournament done elimination style? It was seven vs seven right? Who were facing who

  10. Could you give us the latest on Shinmai, where is the story now, how much longer has it got to go? Have we seen anymore Sapphire?

  11. i just want to ask in seven seas there 9 The Testament of Sister New Devil and the other is The Testament of Sister New Devil Storm which contain 5 volume . Are there any difference between both of them or the The Testament of Sister New Devil Storm is the sequel from the 9th volume of The Testament of Sister New Devil ?

    1. TSND adapts volumes 1-3 of the LN. It has manga original plot elements and a manga original ending. Storm adapts the slice of life content of volumes 1-8 (it content from the first 2 chapters of volume 8) and also the side story volume titled Light. It also has manga original elements and a manga original ending.

  12. Why oh why did Uesu skip the conversations and the early experiments of Basara and Chisato when they started their forbidden secret romance, brother. They only mention it passing, skipping ahead too much

      1. Wrong, brother, the way they started the relationship was just a quick mention in passing in a paragraph and next time we see them they are well familiar with each other so at least have the scene where she delivers the ‘save me Mean Gene I mean Tojou’ line, all this stuff hidden in the paragraphs avoiding their vitamins brother and boom we skip to paizuri number 107 in her apartment

  13. was the scene with Mikas shirt buttons popping open during her speech a callback to chisatos swimsuit zipper

    1. I’ve been a bit busy as of late with IRL stuff. Should be slowing down though. Will definitely do something by the end of the month.

  14. is this YARISUGITA series gonna continue ? I saw there were 3 volumes in the LN i meant as it didn’t got axed right ?

    1. Yeah it’s still ongoing. Volume 3 was a shorter volume which was intended to set up the trap for the terrorists in volume 4. Uesu usually releases 1 volume per year.

  15. In yarisugita does mika join the lewd train with sirou? I love basara and chisato, hoping something similar develop with them.

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