Looking forward to 2021

As I said a couple days ago, I would do an update by the end of the month. Anyways it’s safe to say 2020 was a struggle for everyone. Hopefully we’re able to achieve a sense of normalcy again at some point in 2021. Have fun with the prologue and first chapter of Light! The writing is interesting in the sense that Basara isn’t the main character and Maria’s perspective is the focus. Wishing health, happiness, and success to everyone in 2021. I’m hoping that we’ll see Uesu be more active this year.

13 thoughts on “Looking forward to 2021

  1. Hey about the colored illustration of Chisato Basara and the towel in her bath, does a version exist without the colorful texts on the image

        1. I want to say it exists as a clear file or a poster back during volume 4’s original run. You would probably have to search auctions for it.

          1. Ok I’ll look for it, I turn still images into animations (not just lewd ones lol) and can’t do it properly with the colorful text everywhere. I guess I could try to paintbrush them away in photoshop but only Basara should be painting Chisato with his brush

          2. interestingly enough Basara actually does use Chisato’s body as a canvas in one of the drama CD’s lol. Anyway’s I’ll be on the lookout for it and try and see If Ookuma has a textless version.

          3. Really, which drama CD it is, I’ll check it out later if it’s in the GoogleDrive, lol. Finding a textless version of the image would be like finding a hidden treasure worthy of three gold bars

          4. Yes as a hobby and I tried to come up with something with the Chisato image but its always random how well a photo handles these things, like here is a short clip with basic foundation of movements, http://file.io/K6cMBu7qlqdy , but going any further I wasn’t really happy with any of the results so far.
            Also it makes the PC scream in pain lol and also Chisatos raised hand and extended fingers are tough.

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