Chisato Volume 13 Animate Bonus

Chisato fans purchase volume 13 from Animate if you want this bonus.

*Update* The Melonbooks Mio tapestry is out of stock. The Animate Chisato 4p leaflet is out of stock. Zest’s gamers bonus is out of stock.

BTW You can also pre-order the ebook on Bookwalker now

17 thoughts on “Chisato Volume 13 Animate Bonus

    1. I think he’s always going to draw Shinmai. We still have cow print bikini Chisato coming at some point too. I’m not sure if we’re going to get any illustrations of Basara’s parents, but I’m hoping we do.

      1. We’ve already had a few Sapphire/Raphaeline pics haven’t we?

        Also I want to read the scene where Sapphire meets Basara and then erases his memory but I can’t find it.

        1. I’m hoping we get some kind of reunion illustration for Basara and his parents. The scene you’re looking for happens during volume 8 chapter 3.

          1. It’s a shame there isn’t an actual scene, it’s just described.

            Will Basara’s parents all live in the same house as Basara when they come back?

    1. There was a collaboration with a ROTK gacha game and there was a collaboration with a Korean MMO back in the day.

        1. You might be better off trying to make her in a fighting game with a decent character creator. I’ve been considering trying to make her in PSO2, but I’m too lazy to boot it up lol. There’s always Koikatsu though.

    1. Unless animate decides to do a restock it most likely won’t happen. Melon books however is restocking the Mio tapestry on the 4th.

      1. I’m surprised that Kadakawa itself does not have any preorder bonus.
        Bookwalker could’ve had some booshelf skin, or something like that…

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