Official Color Illustrations and Miscellaneous Content


I’m trying to be productive as I wait for the NA Fate Grand Order maintenance to end (Moon Festival is starting in a few hours). So I figured I would make use of my time and add some stuff to the site. I decided to add a miscellaneous tab and along with it the official color illustrations for novels 1-3.

It’s no surprise that I enjoy Shinmai. Whenever I purchase something related to the series I usually share with the fellow crowdfund contributors. However though, I posted on reddit quite a while ago that I would one day share the official color illustrations.

Although it’s a bit late I’m making good on my promise. Hopefully people that enjoy doing “fan colorings” for the series use the colors found in these Illustrations as a base.  Enjoy please enjoy the illustrations.

In addition to the color illustrations I added a “miscellaneous” tab to the site. This is going to be for content that doesn’t necessarily have a home of its own. Outside of the official color illustrations, you’ll find information on how to obtain the scanlated Arashi volume 3 we did last year, and eventually the Frontier Child Comiket Artbooks whenever I’m able to track down extra copies and properly scan them.

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