Volume 11 is Out


Volume 11 has been out for several hours now. Those of you that wish to show your support for the series should purchase the raws.

7 thoughts on “Volume 11 is Out

    1. The volume 11 summary should be completed either Monday or Tuesday. The remainder of the volume 9 prologue (parts 1-4) will be finished by Friday, and next week will be the translations for the volume 11 prologue will start.

  1. So I checked the translation progress of volumes 11 and 12, and they each seem to have one chapter left, with the others being completed. So when do you think they are likely going to be available?

    1. somebody gave me the fun idea of going all meta and following the timeline of events as they happen in the novels since we’re getting ready to sync up with it IRL. Just to put it in perspective though, chapter 2 for volumes 11 and 12 in and of themselves alone are longer than the average length of most LN’s.

      1. I wish you all the best and luck in your translation of the LN. I love what you’re doing for the community. It’s amazing. Keep up the good work man.

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