Volume 12


Volume 11 concluded the main story for Shinmai. However we can look forward to volume 12 which is going to be a collection of side stories. Based upon the preview we’re going to get a certain school nurse’s omitted sex scene from volume 11 as well as a brief look into the future from where volume 11 ends with Celis. ( a week to be exact)

8 thoughts on “Volume 12

    1. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any indicators regarding when volume 12 is going to be released. Sneaker Bunko usually releases their novels on the first of every month. My guess is that volume 12 will hopefully be released around the BD release of the Departures OVA.

    1. I originally intended the paywall to be as harmless as possible, because everyone has different financial situations. I liked the idea of people simply contributing as much money as they could afford. I’m sorry that a few bad apples ruined it for people.

      I’m considering introducing a way for a select amount of people that are fans of the series, but can’t afford, or don’t have access to paypal, to get the full translations, but that’s something I have to talk with the other crowdfund donors about.

      That’s cool that ZX resumed translation, but that doesn’t affect the crowdfund, or my commitment to making sure that all of Shinmai is translated, and has as accurate translations as possible. Nomi is going to see this through until the end and beyond.

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