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I still have to write a post for the Ecstasy BD collection. Overall I would say it was money well spent, because there were some cool interviews with the VA’s as well as Ookuma and Uesu. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Ecstasy CD that came with the BD collection, but after listening to it, I can’t wait for the Departures Drama CD. It almost makes up for the anime not living up to the LN in terms of service scenes.

Nomi’s rates for Drama CD’s are $1 for every 30 seconds. Track 6 of the Ecstasy CD was 6:25. So the total cost of translation is $13 USD. The other tracks are either a little more than that or a little less. I’ll be updating the funding progress page and FAQ with more information regarding quotes for the rest of the CD as well as Nomi’s timetable for translating them.

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  1. @CBC is it really necessary to use the founded money to translate V8 c1 when zxzxzx plans to translate this chapter in 1 month? Wouldn’t it be better to use it to translate other chapters from V10-12? Couln’t you talk with zxzxzx and negotiate with him? His translation quallity is pretty good and he would probably do the same job with much lower payment (cause he really loves the series and translates it without receiving money).
    Also in my opinion it would be much better for you and for us to establish a patron page.
    First you could publish the chapters without sending it to us manually via mail and second I think it could reduce the overall costs, plus we would have a overview of the monthy donation for translating/progress.


    1. Volumes 8, 9, and 10 have already been paid off.

      My thoughts regarding Patreon and “fan translations” would be better suited for email though. So just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to elaborate on my thoughts. I will say that the current system works well though.

      When volume 12 releases, we’ll have a much better idea of the total cost of translation, and I’ll be able to give people an update on where we’re at.

      1. It’s just redundant to have zxzxzx translate v8 c1 when we will get it in a few days T_T
        Could you negotiate with him and maybe persuade him to work together with you (us) (maybe some pocket money *lol*) so that he could spare his time/efforts and translate maybe a part of v11 or v12 when it comes out in a few days.

        1. We tried working something out a while ago, but him and the team he was trying to put together weren’t organized enough.

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