Departures BD is out


I’m getting my copy tomorrow and will be writing a a proper post regarding Departures and the BD collection in the near future. EXIII and the drama CD will definitely by the highlights for me as a novel fan though.

if you’re interested in seeing the BD bonuses Nylon66 posted up his impressions of the Departures BD.

6 thoughts on “Departures BD is out

  1. My japanese is a little rusty, so correct me if i’m wrong. In Nylon66’s post, there was no mention of any difference between the BD and AT-X version. Is that right ?

    1. Nylon just replaced the AT-X version of the images with the BD version. I’m pretty sure there were minor corrections to some of the animation. I’ll have a better idea as to what exactly was fixed when I watch the BD version tomorrow, but there weren’t any extended scenes like with S1 and Burst.

      1. So they are will release another BD OVA one hour triology (3 episode) to make final ending than make season 3?

        Make volume 9 – 10 1 ova, volume 11 final ending. And later then volume 12 another ova too

        I doubt will make season 3 with final ecchi borderline h like this? Or they announced season 3 to cover vol 9 10?

        Maybe sex scene only make to release on ova :/

        1. I would prefer they just stick to OVA’s and try to be as faithful to the novels as possible. I don’t think it’s really possible to adapt volumes 11 and 12 unless they go the anime original route.

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