Mio and the rest of the harem finally find out about Chisato

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I updated the sample translation for volume 10 chapter 3. If you ever wondered how Mio and company found out about Basara and Chisato’s relationship give it a read. Unfortunately the sample cuts off right before Basara’s nightmare, which is one of the most powerful scenes in the series, and puts his character in perspective. If Shinmai gets an S3, I would trade sex scenes and lewd BD specials, if the anime went with a nightmare scenario ending.

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    1. It’s a scenario where Basara fails to protect his harem and the girls all end up dying. One of the girls gets stabbed through the heart, and has her soul taken by Brynhildr. This more or less causes Basara to go mad and recreate the tragedy in the Village on a much larger scale.

    1. Honestly I’ve never really thought about somebody playing Chisato live action. Some things are just better suited to anime, LN, or manga format. Do you have a any recommendations for somebody that could play her live action?

        1. Maybe some people suggested her, because of the way glasses lay on her face. I’m not really sure of anyone who has the acting chops to really bring out Chisato’s glow in the LN or even the way Yuu Asakawa portrays her to live action.

    1. The original 6 have been pregnant for a month and a half by the time volume 12 starts, and Celis and Nanao get pregnant at the end. I see Chisato, Celis, Kurumi, and Mio having boys. Maria, Nanao , Yuki and Zest having girls. Uesu has this obsession with properly balancing everything, so something like this might be in line with his thinking. However if some of the girls have twins then that might ruin it.

      1. Do you think the kids will get along? Also I assume they’ll have to move house because there’s no way they’ll all fit where they currently are?

        1. Chisato created a maternal link between all of the girls so that they could give birth at the same time. The girls are all really close with each other. So I see their children being close as well. Having kids wasn’t necessarily in the plan when they expanded the basement of the Toujou house, but Zest could just make another expansion to the basement. Basara and his family could live in the basement, while Jin, Sapphire, and Raphaeline live upstairs.

        1. Generally speaking the girls age normally with the exception of Chisato who doesn’t age under the influence of the human concept of time. Considering that Basara ages normally for the most part then his children should do the same.

        1. I see Chisato being an overprotective mother. All of the worrying that she does for Basara even post vow, naturally will transfer to her children. She’s well on her way since she’s using her powers to maintain a protective barrier around her baby as well as the others.

      2. I have some more questions:

        1. Has there been any Shinmai Maou video games or have the characters ever appeared in any games (like fighting games for example)?

        2. How did Basara and Chisato get attracted to each other, did they both have the hots for each other from the moment they met?

        3. Will Chisato continue working at the school after she’s given birth?

        1. 1. Shinmai has a chaos trading card game. There were also collaborations with DMM for one of their ROTK games, and there was also a collaboration with Cabal Online where players could unlock Basara, Mio, Maria, Yuki, and Chisato as avatar skins.

          2. Basara has had the hots for Chisato ever since he first met her in the infirmary and wondered what it would be like if she was under the influence of the succubus curse from the contract (this was either volume 1 or two if memory serves me correctly). Chisato doesn’t become sexually attracted to Basara until she invites him to her house and he awakens her interest in men and romance. Seeing Basara trying to hold himself back with her was why she decided to enter the bath with him. The experience they had in the bath was the point of no return and the beginning of them starting to see each other.

          3. I would like to believe that she’s going to continue to be the school nurse at least until Maria and Kurumi graduate. However she might go on maternity leave fairly often in the event she wants more kids. She’s capable of more than natural birth and can actually birth her kids as she wills it. She’s just more or less being fair with everyone’s first kids, because that’s what they agreed on.

      3. Didn’t Chisato use a spell to stop other men/boys from being attracted to her, what exactly did she do and when did she use it?

        Also what would you want to see in a Shinmai Maou sequel?

        1. After she gets her full powers back following the vow, She uses her powers to make herself undesirable to men/boys. She’s never really been one to engage with people beyond what she has to for work. So it was more or less a quality of life thing. She ends up doing the same for Zest, Mio, and Yuki as well.

          What I would want to see in a Shinmai sequel is entirely dependent upon how Uesu decides to handle the Jin story in volume 13. The conclusion of that has the most influence on whether or not Basara will fight against the Ten Gods. Outside of that it would be interesting to see how the US and China play much more of a prominent role in the Hero Clan politics.

      4. So is Chisato undesirable to everyone except Basara then? How did boys/men act around her prior to using the spell? I’m surprised they could resist.

        1. Yeah Chisato is undesirable to everyone but Basara. Like with Zest. Male teachers and boys having lewd thoughts and looking at her sexually was uncomfortable.

  1. Oh gods, will the kids inherit the whole ’oniichan’ thing from Mio once they get older with brothers and sisters going wild with each other

  2. Chisato will be sharing a house with 7 or 8 other moms so surely they will do great, they even have magic to block the never-ending baby crying and plenty of milk in themselves, and once the rascals hit fifteen theyll have their own epic adventures in demon world and as a group they will be super OP as fook especially because of Chisato’s child but if all of this would be a novel then at least one of them would turn evil probably to balance things out

    1. I’m not sure if the kids will be allowed to go to the demon world since their existence is supposed to remain a secret from the majority of the demon world.

      1. If a novel series were to be written of them and their adventures by Uesu, then action must take place somewhere. Maybe couple of them get rebellious and travel there via magic portal like in Game of Harry Potter’s Throne or something and thats the plot, I dunno. The OPness of them and their parents would be a problem

        1. Uesu left things somewhat open in the event he decides to revisit Shinmai with a sequel at some point. In volume 12, he introduces a new faction in the demon realm that is looking to cause a wedge between the moderates and demon lord faction. He also suggested that other districts in the Hero Clan might have their own cloning projects. Basara also has his inevitable battle against the Ten Gods and the forces of the divine realm (in the event that Jin doesn’t solve that problem with volume 13). Uesu definitely has some options for if he choses to give the kids some adventures.

        1. Honestly all of the girls might end up as stay at home moms, because they aren’t exactly hurting for money and need to work. Mio likes to sketch and design, So I could see her becoming a fashion designer in some capacity.

  3. The real question is whether Rikka will join the family, she will miss the group wedding/pregnancy. I like her character and character design more than the vampire

    1. I personally like Rikka’s character design as well, but at this point she doesn’t have much of a chance. It would be difficult to justify her inclusion. All of the girls in Basara’s harem have legitimate reasons for living with Basara beyond just being his family. Rikka is just a normal human girl and shouldn’t be dragged into all of the supernatural shit.

      1. I wonder if Rikka and her storyline ended up being sort of Shinmai’s cut content with Uesu simply not finding the time for her character since Celis got involved quite late as well. I would switch the vampire for her.

      1. Breastfeeding makes her happy? I didn’t know that, do you think she would be breastfeeding her kids when they’re school age?

        1. Breastfeeding is one of the things that really turn her on. The pleasure she experiences from Basara sucking on her tits and drinking her breastmilk is other worldly. I see her breastfeeding her kids as long as she can. She’ll probably stop if it has the potential to negatively influence her kids development. Basara would probably be happy he doesn’t have to share her sweet titty milk with the kids anyways.

  4. So the girls lost their virginity to Basara. Btw DxD and Sister New Devil are alike in some matters and I love it. I really appreciate the purity added to the characters. (I have hatred for rape/ntr)

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