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  1. Hi, is it possible to get a summary of Overdone Devil Exterminator’s Seven Deadly Sins Game volume 1? I want to learn more about Goddess Mika & MC

    1. Doing a summary of Overdone is actually on my list of things to do. I just haven’t had much time to finish reading it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it out before the translations for it start in January.

    1. So far Mika feels like a Chisato expy with an altered backstory. Her relationship with Sirou parallels Basara x Chisato fairly well. I like that Uesu established Mika being in love with Sirou and having a relationship with him early on, because it’s going to make how things develop with Yui interesting. Essentially Uesu took the “boy meets destined girl” trope and flips it on its head by giving boy an established waifu that he’s already in a relationship with. It’s going to be interesting to see how Uesu eventually reveals Sirou x Mika to Yui and the rest of the Hungry Wolf Brigade .

      In terms of lewds, Mika has potential. She has strong sex appeal. I thought her service scene was better than Yui’s scenes that I have read.

      So far I’m enjoying Mika, because of how similar she is to Chisato. When I originally picked up Overdone, I was looking for a character to root for and Mika so far feels like that Character for me. She has potential, but she’s still missing that Chisato glow, where she’s able to steal every scene she’s in.

      1. You seem well informed, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Ive only seen people a few people talking about Yui scenes so far, was the service scene with Mika in Vol 1 only paizuri or did they do more than that?

        1. Groping, Nipple sucking, Paizuri, blow job. Then at the end of her scene, she takes her panties off, spreads her legs in an M shape, says something lewd to Sirou and the scene abruptly cuts off and transitions to the Inaba sisters (the loli vampire twins) swimsuit shopping for Yui.

  2. Oh, so Uesu might be implying that Sirou is not virgin, that he and MIka did it during their time together in her world or wherever they spend lots of time together. Well that’s a new one.
    How does the twins compare to Maria?

    1. Uesu made it clear that they didn’t do it while in the other world. Uesu has a history of abruptly ending service scenes and causing peoples imaginations to run wild with what might have happened. The way he ended Mika’s scene isn’t that much different from the way he ended the volume 9 prologue for Shinmai.

      The part I stopped reading at is where the twins buy Yui her swimsuit. Based on just skimming to the end of volume 1, The twins has the potential to be more perverted than Maria. Besides picking out a lewd swimsuit for Yui, they also give her porn videos to watch.

  3. out of curiosity, what other payment methods do you guys accept if an european with not too many payment options available cant access paypal? I could do paysafecard, steam card, itunes gift card etc but dont know much about the euros to dollars/region restrictions. naturally I could also try to bribe you with the new GRRMs Blood & Fire pdf file (perfect gift for friend, significant other, or family member!) or something like that in exchange of pdfs, lol

    1. In the event you don’t have a paypal account, Nomi accepts Japanese iTunes cards. The 1000 Yen card roughly works out to about $10.00 USD. You said paysafe is an option for you? if you have a paysafe mastercard then it’s possible for Nomi to send you a paypal invoice. My email is back up now. So if you have additional questions. Shoot me an email.

      1. I dont have mastercard unfortunately, I would have to look into whether I really need one for something besides purchasing the translations (it costs 10 euros and theres a goddamn christmas coming soon, lol). buying japanese itunes cards seems to require paypal so thats out unless i dig deeper. for now, I will look into these things and then I’ll get back to ya.

        1. If you’re able to get yourself a prepaid visa gift card then I could have Nomi send you a paypal invoice. Therefore you would be able to pay without having to have a paypal account.

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