Big Announcement: Public Releases


Apologies for making folks stay tuned a bit longer than originally suggested.

The topic of public release has been heavily debated internally among our translators, fellow donors, and myself. This decision has been a long time in the making. Internally the idea has always been that once we finished translating the remainder of the main series that we would begin publicly releasing volumes. Since we’re getting ready to wrap translation through volume 12, we’re going to start publicly releasing volumes. We’ll be starting public releases with volume 9, volume 10 will follow after, and so forth.

If you aren’t a donor, I still encourage you to donate so that you don’t have to wait for public release. As in the past, you’ll get instant access to all of the volumes and other Shinmai related media that has been translated through the project. Volume 13 is the last volume in the main series that’s still in need of funding, So you’ll be getting access to that as it’s translated ahead of public release. You’ll also gain access and a say in other light novels that the group decides to have picked up for translation. There’s also other Shinmai related media projects that are currently in the pipeline that you’ll have access to as well.



24 thoughts on “Big Announcement: Public Releases

  1. Gongrats on becoming big players, well done. Remember to dress up if japanese emperor invites you guys for a cup of sake and some french fries.

    Has the EXIII already been translated by any chance? Does anything eventful happen in it or is it another water park-esque shortie?

    1. I’ll be sure to wear my Sunday best if I ever get the chance to meet Prime Minister Abe. EXIII is volume 8 chapter 2.5 It fills in the gaps of the time between chapters 2 and 3.

      1. Have you been reading any good (non-Uesu) LN’s lately, battle harems or not? I have too much free time now after completing Red Dead 2.

        1. I’ve been trying to get into Eighty Six, since I’m most interested in mecha and war stuff. A friend of mine got me interested in Boko no Kanojo Sensei. A second volume just came out. So I’ll probably check it out to satisfy the sensei fan in me. RDR2 MP came out. You should give it a try.

  2. ok, after analyzing the second half of twelveth volume of the series with hard math, I just have to ask how on earth is MC able to produce so much semen and get so many erections over and over again in a single day? the second half seems to take place is a single day right with the new girl moving in, right? MC just keeps having all the sex constantly even in school while shooting out over one hundred litres of cum everywhere from morning to evening, and even the semen of his clones must come from his loins. Does he have extra ball sacs besides the magic to grow a second dick?

    1. By volume 12 chapter 2, Celis has been living with the Toujou family for a month and a half. You’re correct on the chapter covering a full day though.

      Basara isn’t entirely human and has an insanely high sex drive. Eventually he does tire out and has to sleep for a few hours.

    2. LOL, can you imagine Shinmai with realism, “uh… I’m sorry ladies but can we continue tomorrow?” whines sweaty Basara after climaxing just once with one of his girls with eight more ready to go in the same bed, all disappointed for wasting their time with him.

  3. might finally pay for translations once next paycheck arrives, should I pay up to friend or for service via paypal? I never pay to overseas so dont know which way the paypal extra fees go with different options

    1. Since it’s international I usually just use the option to pay as a service since there’s still a fee associated with friends and fam when sending money internationally.

  4. Does the pink-haired Mio-replacement main girl in Overdone have a chacater/personality besides having the power of Lust? All she does is look semi-concerned/frightened and moan in pleasure every now and then.

    1. *Says Tahiti in a Dutch voice*

      I haven’t finished reading Overdone volume 1. I did skim through the ending, and volume 1 introduces the characters, Sirou’s backstory, rules of the world, and the world itself. With that out of the way, we’ll probably begin to see characters like Yui receive actual development in the second volume. She’s nothing like Mio or Miu though.

    1. In terms of who I find most interesting/entertaining it goes Chisato, Celis, Maria. Those three always have the best scenes, best lines, and best reactions to everything. They usually find ways to raise the stakes of any scene that they are in. I do enjoy Mio and the rest of the girls as well, but I just find those particular three to be more entertaining than the others.

      1. You rank Celis that high? It is weird for me to relate to that since so far I haven’t read any volumes with her in them. All I know about her that she’s blond and I guess religious good girl that’s secretly perverted or something like that.

        1. Volume 12 really sold me on Celis and solidified her 2nd place for me. If Chisato didn’t exist, Celis would be my favorite girl. She’s like a super religious Justice-chan that’s star struck around Chisato. She’s an emotional rollercoaster that’s awkward to the point that it’s hilarious, and you can’t help but laugh at or feel bad for her. Uesu does a great job of showing how conflicted she is when it comes to her true nature and feelings for Basara.

          I was invested in Hundred for Claire. I give Misaki Jun all the credit in the world for doubling down on Emilia pretty early on. I respect him for the ending as well, and I actually liked that Claire was about to stand on her own as a character. Too many series end where female characters don’t find self-worth outside of the MC.

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