Happy Valentines Day


Whether you’re alone or plan on spending today with your significant other, Happy valentines day! Just figured I would remind those that already know or inform people that don’t know, Mio and Kurumi attempted to pass off store bought chocolate as homemade. Thankfully a certain upperclassman showed them the error of their ways, and taught them how to properly make homemade chocolate. They still have tendencies to burn stuff due to needing to be supervised in the kitchen. Either way whatever you do it’s not about the dollar amount you spend, but it’s the thought that counts.

18 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

    1. Not really when Shinmai actually covers valentines day with Sweet! Good try though. Maybe I’ll correlate volume 11’s release with the dates in the novel though. That might be fun.

  1. And I an not counting side stories. Plus it is already released so I wouldn’t fit to realease it again on Valentines Day.

    1. Never mind Just disregard all of my replies I am home sick with the flu and am pretty hopped up on Niquil so my thoughts aren’t really coherent right now.

  2. Can you start making regular light novel recommendation posts for bored shinmai fans? Action mixed with service would be appreciated. It’s a real pain to try to find something new and exciting or just something close to uesu’s work. It’s hard to find good harem/ecchi stories where MC takes bold action both against the enemies and with the women.

    1. I could give that a go, but it’s honestly hard to find series that are able to blend both well in a way that doesn’t come off a stupid and cheesy.

      1. That is a problem indeed. Too many crappy stories where MC wakes up in another world with ability to cheat his way through everything. Its like swimming in an ocean of shit trying to find a gold coin. shinmai season 1 was my introduction to light/visual novels when Chisatos character ended up getting only 5min of screentime

  3. so r u guys releasing vol 11 this time or a side story volume?
    And will u also be releasing “Sweet!” and “Light!” ?

    1. Some side stories will be getting posted this time. Interestingly enough, both tie directly into volume 11. One more or less serves as a lead into it. Regarding volume 11’s release, somebody gave me the idea of going all meta with it and following the in series timeline which we’re about to sync up with.

      Jhunius is going to be picking up and finishing the translation for “Sweet!” since Nomi only TLed “lost valentines day” and the Toujou family amusement park trip back in the day. “Light!” will eventually get TLed, but it’s the lowest priority.

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