Volume 11 SS and Volume 12 SS

As I said earlier this month, this months releases were going to be some short stories. The volume 11 SS happens before the events of volume 9. I would set it to sometime during the month and a half that Sweet covers. Anyways it does a fairly decent job of setting the stage for volume 11’s prologue. Maria takes center stage and is pretty funny with how enthused she is.

Regarding the volume 12 SS If you read the series in order then I wouldn’t read it since it’s kinda spoiler heavy. If the bromance of Basara and Lars is your OTP then you might enjoy it, because the banter between the two of them is always great. Especially considering how Lars is a realist and knows that harems usually never work as out well.

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  1. Cbc, when did you decide to dedicate your life for uesu’s work? did you one day walk past piles of shinmai no maou in a manga store and say ”hey, look at those titties, yam yam” and the rest is history?

    1. I’ve always been a fan of Uesu as a writer. I liked that Basara wasn’t Akatsuki 2.0 and Chisato being Chisato really won me over.

  2. News about Overdone Exterminator volume II…. when??
    Too bad there’s not much Shinmai fanfiction out there, like there is DxD.
    Shadows Die Twice out soon to fill that Red Dead gap. Then it’ll be many longs years of nothing but waiting for the next R* or From game again so I can feel excited again.

    1. I think somebody posted the release date for volume 2 of overdone a week and a half or so ago in discord. I might try and find it later. Personally I’m not much of a fan of fanfiction, unless it’s coming from someone that has worked on the series in some official capacity. Uesu abides by a fairly strict logic with the way things work in Shinmai, but I guess it could be entertaining to see how fanfiction writers handle the characters.

      When it comes to games, I’m more of a multiplayer kind of guy. At the moment, BR’s are my thing. Still haven’t finished the epilogue to Red Dead nor have I finished the ending of Persona 5 despite dumping 110 hours into it lol.

  3. I’m the opposite, I only do single players coz I expect people online to be rude assholes. I like high budget open world games (not AssCreed) and the Souls series. Plus, limited times to play games. I dropped Persona after it just kept on going and I was ready to move onto something else. I only cared about P5’s turn-based combat, lol. I will try it again when the new version, P5R comes out.
    Fanfics are mostly stupid but I did check out some DxD ones. They typically are self-insert ff’s where the author writes them into the story so he can be the biggest badass and bang Issei’s harem. The quality of the writing sways like a boat trapped in the middle of a storm, but there’s less than ten Shinmai ff’s out there compared to the thousands of DxD fan stories.

  4. Somebody tell me in which volumes/chapters/setting does our boy Basara make his contracts with his crew, I only found the list of people he made contracts from the wikia. I know that he performed the ritual with Mio in the first volume and then later with Yuki in Jin’s house. He also made contract with Zest in a demon world bath with he help of Maria’s mother I believe

    1. Mio- volume 1
      Yuki-volume 2
      Zest volume 5
      Chisato-volume 8 (she has two contracts. One is a master servant contract based upon copying the succubus power, and the second was a Ten God contract so that Basara could use her powers)
      Maria-volume 11
      Kurumi-volume 11
      *** volume 11 (based upon Banishing Shift)
      ***volume 12
      ***volume 12

      1. Thank you for your hardwork! Can you tell me when chapter 2 of volume 12 is completed and posted on the website?

  5. Thank you for your hardwork!
    All the translation groups in my country do not translate volume 12 and i can’t find raw anywhere on the web.
    I wish to know when you intend to complete chapter 2 of volume 12 and post it on your website?

  6. I’m terrible st remembering what events and what service scenes happen in which volumes and chapters, can we have summaries for already translated volumes too?

    1. That’s what The Wiki is for . The anime does a decent job as a general survey of most of the events that happen in the series. It’s much easier for me to answer specific questions than writing wall of text summaries of content that’s surveyed fairly well across multiple mediums.

      1. That wiki is and always has been incomplete; even the pages with most information (Basara & Chisato) have been unfinished for the longest time. If I click, say, volume III in hopes of reading about the plot, there’s nothing to be gained and volume 12 came almost a year ago. Kurumi’s page randomly has info from volume II to volume VI while characters like Maria and Yuki don’t have even that. The wiki has a good look to it, but it’s not very useful.

        1. The wiki is pretty good for information early in the series. Not going to lie, when I make updates, I primarily focus on characters, terms, and stuff from the series that I’m interested in. Mio and Yuki’s pages are probably in need of the most TLC, but there’s people that really enjoy their characters, and I leave that to them.

    1. If you really want them you can become a donor so that you don’t have to wait for the public release of translations.

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