October update


It’s still October 31st where I’m at so happy halloween to those that partake in festivities. For this month, I went with The Testament of White Day which will explain the origins of “Cat bitch Mio” (Uesu’s words not mine) and Toujou Family Goes to the Amusement Park for those of you who may have wanted some fanservice (Mio x Basara solo scene). There’s illustrations that accompany those chapters. I will be adding them sometime this weekend. I just have to do something with EXIII for Nomi first.

For those of you the follow Ookuma on twitter and like/retweet and watch his streams please continue to do so. It plays a factor into how we get nice things like this Mio and Chisato illustration. Those of you that also buy items off of his amazon wishlist (which is updated periodically) keep it up.

12 thoughts on “October update

  1. Thank you for keeping your promise. Hope you’ll do an update on volume 11 soon, mainly the prologue part. Hopefully you’ll be able to add the maria scene there, especially since there’ll be one of her and mio in the epilogue of volume 11.

  2. Hey, there seems to be a problem with the contents in the page “Prologue: Dedicating Everything to Each other”
    I hope it’s fixed soon.

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