I will be doing two updates in October

Sorry I’ve been really busy all September, Therefore I’ll be doing two chapters this month. In the mean time enjoy this Nanao illustration Ookuma did for a certain Nanao fan. Celis, Zest, Yuki, Kurumi, and Maria are still in need of ring illustrations.

39 thoughts on “I will be doing two updates in October

  1. Least we have a better idea of how big nanao’s breast are since the light novels never really gave us a good pic of her in her female form.

      1. You have a link to said illustrations? Can’t find them on baka tsuki. In fact, if yhere are any more pics that aren’t on baka tsuki but are part of the story, can you provide links to them please?

  2. Are there any updates regarding Volume 13 release date? Like Uesu or Ookuma saying something about it?

    PS: Sorry for my english. I’m not american

    1. Uesu hasn’t said anything about volume 13 since he talked about it in the 30th anniversary special of Sneaker Bunko’s “The Sneaker” last year. The last time me and Ookuma talked about volume 13 was the 26th of August, where he said he’s not allowed to talk about it.

        1. We’ve never had an actual release date, we’ve only gotten two different release windows with what Uesu said in “The Sneaker” (early 2019) and then the physical advertisement for volume 13 in Overdone (spring 2019). There’s also the possibility that the Divine Realm arc has gotten even longer than Uesu anticipated, considering it has gotten much longer than Uesu originally thought it would when it was supposed to be released alongside volume 12. Last time there was an extended break between volumes we got an OVA, so anything is possible lol. He’s a better writer when he takes his time, so I don’t really mind the wait, and I like having something to look forward to.

    1. Honestly I see the characters that still have loose ends that need to be tied up getting more focus than others in volume 13.

  3. Hy, just asking. Will volume 13 really be the final volume? I personally feel that there’s a lot being left out like how jin toujou and his two wives met, basara’s birth, his wedding with mio and the others, his children, his resolve in the divine realm, his teamwork fight with shiba in the divine realm against the members of the 10 gods and maybe from my own opinion his full abilities which he gained from the girls which he could use in the fight etc. To me I feel a lot is left out and i don’t know if volume 13 will cover all that. Can you give me your own opinion and maybe take this as a consideration if another volume comes out?

    1. We know how jin and his wives met and how basara was born. But the other stuff is a mystery, and will probably be cove ed in vol 13, whenever they release it. Also hope they tie up the lose end of basara’s relationship with rikka, since she’s seems dead set on being with him, even plans on using/abusing her power as student council president to do so.

    2. At the end of the volume 12 afterword, Uesu essentially says that volume 13 is going to be the true end of the series for real this time. The majority of the points you make regarding Jin, Raphaeline, and Sapphire as well as other past events prior to the beginning of the series all get addressed in volumes 8, 10, and 11.

      In my opinion, the only unresolved plot points are the “anti-alliance” forces in the demon realm knowing about about the girls being pregnant, Basara remaking the Hero Clan, Jin in the divine realm (we know for sure this is happening), and finally the wedding. The wedding is most likely the logical end point seeing as it will provide closure to everything as well as reunions for various characters.

      However Uesu decides to resolve Jin saving Raphaeline and Sapphire will most likely decide whether or not Basara has to face the Ten Gods, so honestly that will most likely decide whether or not there’s more story to tell.

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