Yarisugita “Overdone” Volume 3 is out

Overdone Volume 3 released earlier today on Bookwalker. It will be released on amazon and other platforms February 3rd. I’m in the middle of doing a bunch of formatting for Shinmai related stuff so I haven’t had the opportunity to look at much of it yet. My curiosity did get the better of me and the ending of the volume is wild. If Gohands ends up making an anime and they adapt the first 3 volumes it’s going to be interesting to see how people react to the cliffhanger ending.

Translation will most likely be starting in February btw.

24 thoughts on “Yarisugita “Overdone” Volume 3 is out

    1. I’m enjoying it so far. It’s similar to Shinmai in the sense that the lewd scenes in the first 3 novels are on par with what you would find in Shinmai volumes 6-9. Sirou (the MC) isn’t the only character getting action. Loli bros and DFC lovers have representation in the form of Renya (Sirou’s friend). It’s too early to tell if it’s going to have the same kind of depth that Shinmai has though.

  1. What is the reason for Sirou amd Yui doing service scenes with each other and what is their excuse for being unpenetrative? In shinmai it was the contract so why are the Mc groping girls in this one? Does it make them stronger?

  2. I’m wondering, has anyone heard something about Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica? It was put on hiatus after the start of Shinmai and I was hoping that he would continue it after finishing Shinmai. Now seeing him start a new series has me a bit worried :/

    1. Technically speaking he isn’t finished with Shinmai yet. In terms of narrative, characters, action, and lewds Hagure Yuusha is just far too dated now compared to Shinmai and Yarisugita.

    1. Summaries for volumes 1-3 are being done now as translation prep. The series is called “Yarisugita Majin Senmetsusha no New Game” or “Overdone Devil Exterminators Seven Deadly Sins Game”. “Yarisugita” or “overdone” for short. “The Seven Deadly Sins Master Ruthlessly Shatters Taboos” is the subtitle for volume 1. Volume 2’s subtitle is “The Seven Deadly Sins Master destroys the immortal vampire” and Volume 3’s subtitle is “The Seven Deadly Sins Master gives birth to pleasure island”. The subtitles in and of themselves serves as a synopsis for what each volume is about.

  3. @CBC: Hey, just a small question: Was the prologue of volume 11 taken down? It says you have completed it, but the page for it has no text.

  4. I am wondering is anyone here knows what happened to Shinmai Volume 13
    I heard its supposed to release in 2019 Spring but it never came out?

    1. Well last March Ookuma lost his HDD that had a bunch of his work files on it. He also went through a period of burnout and left his job at Nitroplus. Uesu is also busy with a group of creatives he leads writing new original anime and VN’s. Ookuma said last fall volume 13 is still coming and folks need to be patient.

    1. It’s on the list of stuff for Nomi to potentially translate while we wait for volume 13. Pending it’s at the top of donor voting. My only thing about Hagure Yuusha is it hasn’t really aged all that well when it’s compared to Shinmai and Yarisuigta.

      1. Thanks for the response. I don’t really care if Hagure has aged or not. I just really want to know more about the story, like his relationship with his girlfriends, or if he ever reconciles with his estranged brother and father. Also it’s been abandoned for almost 4 years on Baka-Tsuki and no one seems interested in bringing it back.

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