RIP keiji fujiwara (Jin’s Voice Actor)

We lost a good one folks. Dude voiced some great anime characters and the best 2D dad ever. If S3 happens his successor will have some pretty big shoes to fill. I might have to look through some of my BD extra material, because I vaguely remember reading one of Uesu’s interview’s where he visited the studio when they were doing the voices . I’m pretty sure Uesu tells a story about either Sugita or Keiji Fujiwara.

10 thoughts on “RIP keiji fujiwara (Jin’s Voice Actor)

    1. Even though he didn’t have many voice lines in the anime he really brought something special to the character. He would have had some pretty badass lines in a season 3.

  1. He was such a good voice actor. He also voiced Shiro Okamoto from Ao no Exorcist and Leorio from Hunter×Hunter. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends and close loved ones.

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