A Thursday of intertwining Fates

I wanted to switch things up a bit and give you guys something new following my informative April fools. Since it’s still Thursday here I decided to go with the prologue to Yarisugita aka Overdone. Anyways I for one think it’s a unique spin on the whole Isekai craze. Since we’re still under quarantine I’ve been getting back into it especially since one of our is currently working on it. I’ll probably add more onto this post later tonight.

6 thoughts on “A Thursday of intertwining Fates

  1. Any news on volume 4? And are there summaries of the already available volumes cumming up?

  2. Hi is there anymore of this translated as I read the prologue I got with the shinmai translations last month and I have to say I am intrigued with where this is going?

    1. Jhinius is currently working on it now. The first chapter will be fun to say the least about it.

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