Stream Shinmai On HBO MAX

I know they only have the censored version available for streaming on HBO MAX, but for those of you subscribed to HBO MAX please show your support for the series and stream Shinmai on it. Hopefully crunchyroll eventually sends them the uncensored version and OVA’s.

22 thoughts on “Stream Shinmai On HBO MAX

  1. HBO Max really giving us what we want, none of the PC garbage Netflix and Disney+ be giving us. Respect.

  2. Like in most cases I always like the beginning of a story more interesting and better when characters and the plot and the world are being introduced, same goes for Shinmai and now Yarisugita, although havbing read chapter III I would have liked the big ass backstory of Sirou and Mika to be told differently than just exposition infodumb in the middle of some titty slurping. Sprinkle it out, do something interesting with such a vast backstory.

  3. Why are people posting naughty erotics to Ookuma on twitter? Are they hoping him to “review” their art or something, brother?

  4. Hey, man, I need your help, do you know where I can read the chapters 5 to 11 of the yarisugita (overdone) manga? because in the niconico page was removed or not available for some reason, only those chapters i need to read.
    By the way, your contributions are fantastic for us.
    Greeting from Mexico.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately the remove some of the chapters from niconico as the volumes released. So you’re better off just purchasing them from bookwalker or amazon anyways since you’ll get the uncensored version.

      1. Ok, sorry if I ask you another questions, but are you sure it is the uncensored version and they are only on Amazon and Bookwalker?
        2-How can I buy the pdf? Because it is a japanese store and I don’t know how to buy on those pages.
        Once again, sorry for bothering you but I need to know.

        1. I own all 3 volumes of the manga they’re uncensored. I recommend amazon and Bookwalker because they’re the most friendly platforms for overseas folks. Personally I use bookwalker since I’m able to have both my english purchases and JP raws in one place. You can make an english bookwalker account and use it on the JP store. Once you make an english bookwalker account I could just link you to the page for Yarisugita.

  5. The discord tell me I don’t have permission to view message history. Could you explain what happened. I can’t think of a reason for it though admittedly it had been long since I last visited it and that could be reason enough I suppose.
    Sorry if I’m annoying you, just wanted to know what happened.

    1. Ohh it’s because I changed the settings on the roles. If you’re in the server just send me a DM and I can fix it for you.

  6. Cbc, what do you think of Kakao’s art? I think it’s great except the mouths tend to be super weird.

    1. It’s cool but it all looks the same. It’s really hard to distinguish the characters unless you’re familiar with them lol.

  7. Hey CBC, it’s me again, thanks for your message last time.
    Will there be an update on the page or are there any news of shinmai 13 and yarisugita 4?

    1. I actually have a couple Light! Chapters and Yarisugita chapter 4 ready lol. So expect an email from me within the next 24 hours.

  8. I think I did not ask well, I meant if there are news of yarisugita volume 4 (light novel) not if you had chapter 4, in fact, I prefer episode 3 because I love mika, she is amazing.
    Sorry from the confusion

    1. Kodansha hasn’t updated their website for it yet, but I’ll let you know when they do. Volume 4 is going to have an interesting opening lol.

  9. I guess HBO Max is giving old anime a try similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Not sure it give them enough recognition but its spreading the word about this series somehow.

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