The Hungry Wolf Brigade

I kinda felt like posting chapter 1 of Yarisugita tonight. This is more a continuation of the prologue more than anything. You won’t really have much of an understanding of why Yui is being chased until chapter 2. However this chapter you get to learn a little bit more about Sirou, Yui, Mikoto, and how the lust parameter works in the series for lewds. You’ll get to meet one of Sirou’s “friends with benefits” and Rem and Renya both get their introductions. So have fun.

16 thoughts on “The Hungry Wolf Brigade

    1. I would imagine it will be out relatively soon. It’s only been about 6 months since volume 3. I would expect it to be about the same length as the first two volumes considering volume 3 was meant to be a fun breather.

  1. I’ve done reading shinmai LN, and I’m kinda curious about the next Uesu’s LN~ Is it good enough that can replace the urge to read the next volume of Shinmai Maou?

    1. Yarisugita is like Shinmai x reverse isekai elements x seven deadly sins x K x The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II. Read the prologue and first chapter to see if you like it.

  2. What is the Hundred writer doing these days? At least the hxh gakuen dude is doing something

    1. If only you could take the best aspects (and characters) from Shinmai, Hundred and HxH to make the perfect series of that type, combining the awesomest of ingredients together

      1. I’d rather just see Uesu write an SS where Mika summons the Toujou family to Yarisugita’s world for a cook off or something.

    2. I kinda those authors are taking a break after their series kinda got dropped hard because of the anime adaptations?

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