Volume 13 Cover and Updated Synopsis

Updated Synopsis:

Here is the conclusion for the ultimate ecstasy battle action!!

Edited unpublished work and new writing together with it. The ultimate collection for the end of the series!

Mio, Yuki, Maria, Kurumi, Hasegawa, Zest, Nanao, and Celis—It is the wedding day for these girls who had made the master-servant vow. Basara reflects on the days since his fateful encounter…And engraves a new determination and resolve into his heart!

The short story published in The Sneaker Premium, the novels from the first and second seasons of the anime and OVA, and the short story from each volume’s store bonus.

Looks like the wedding is confirmed! Still holding out hope we get Toujou babies!

16 thoughts on “Volume 13 Cover and Updated Synopsis

    1. A final what? It looks pretty definitive based upon the synopsis that this is the final volume this time.

  1. Mio doesn’t look pregnant, so she’ll marry basara at 1 month due or after she gave birth?

    1. Well if you look back at volume 12 midway through as basara is talking to takigawa he mentioned that they needed to have the wedding soon before maria and kurumi’s stomachs started to show because of the whole age 18 requirement so they wanted to have the wedding before it became obvious that any of the girls were pregnant

      1. You’re partially correct. It actually had nothing to do with the age requirement. The age requirement was only mentioned to show Basara and the girls resolve to be together regardless of what society says.

        1. Point taken might have overthought it a bit even so cant wait for the translation to start after vol 13 comes out this month still hoping we all get the final conclusions were hoping for the wedding and the babies to be seen the tension is building for that happy ending

    2. Did you read volume 12? Mio doesn’t look pregnant because it’s only been 2 months at the most. Basara and the girls decided to have their wedding in June, because if they waited any longer the girls would start showing.

  2. at first i want to say, ‘a huge shoutout to the translators who made shinmai easy to read’. the illustrations, the story, seriously i didn’t expect this much improvement. and also i didn’t expect that much of character developement.
    by the way, i hope jin returns with his women to attend his son’s marriage ceremony. best regards.

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