Kadokawa LN EXPO 2020 Winner

Not bad after a 3 Year Hiatus

Congrats to Uesu, Ookuma, and Shinmai on winning 1st place in the category of “Alluring Immorality” at Kadokawa’s LN Expo 2020. Considering the series was on a 3 year hiatus and doesn’t have the luxury of an author that uses twitter, a currently airing anime, or new LN in the pipeline (volume 13 wasn’t announced during the time of voting) to help build the hype, I’ll take this as a nice victory. It serves as a testament to the strength of the fanbase and the love we have for the series. So kudos to everyone that voted and continues to support the series!

Below you’ll find screenshots from the event and a message from Uesu talking about winning 1st place. I guess we can say our initial mission was successful we pulled Uesu out of hibernation and ended up getting volume 13. The stars really seemed to align for us Shinmai fans.

For those that want to watch the event for themselves, I’ve included the link. I’m not sure how long it’s going to be available, but if you want to know where the Shinmai part is start at 8:51:09.

“Shinmai is the most lewd”- mic drop

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    1. Pretty sure he’s somewhere on the early end of his mid thirties now. He doesn’t use social media so there aren’t many photos of him.

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