3.2 Million copies

Amazon finally updated their product page with the cover of volume 13 and they also included this sleeve with the announcement that the series has reached 3.2 million copies in print circulation! This 3.2 million doesn’t include a restock of volume 12. To this day, you can’t buy a physical copy of volume 12 from a store. It has to be done second hand. So that 3.2 million would probably be higher if they gave volume 12 a restock.

Anyways it’s a great time to be a fan of shinmai and it’s nice to see the series being celebrated in the lead up to the conclusion of the series.

31 thoughts on “3.2 Million copies

          1. You don’t have to be an expert to know that Jin’s been in the divine realm since the end of volume 11.

          2. You should have read more carefully with regards to the characters you care about then.

  1. Who wants to live in the same house with seven pregnant women and then the following years with seven crying babies in the house.

    1. Its even worse than that, do you really think basara and his girls will really stop at 1 baby each?

      1. ???. True and you forgot about Jin toujou. Something tells me that Raphaeline and Sapphire would have children telling from Jin’s personality. But that’s just me wishing ??

  2. This is what I hope the sex of each kid will be when they are born:

    Mio – Son
    Maria – Daughter
    Yuki – Son
    Kurumi – Daughter
    Zest – Daughter
    Chisato – Son
    Celis – Daughter
    Nanao – Son

      1. You must have read my mind because I just realized I got Celis and Nanao the wrong way around. I’d rather see Celis with a son and Nanao with a daughter.

        Out of interest, why would you prefer to see Celis with a son?

        1. Personally, I think Celis having a son fits her personality better since she grew up beating all the boys.

  3. Since Basara hooked up with his aunt and sisters should they be careful of the kids hooking up with each other

        1. Chisato and Raphaeline are cousins. Basara is the child of Raphaeline. This makes Chisato Basara’s first cousin once removed. The “once removed” denotes the generation that exists between them (ie. Raphaeline and Chisato being first cousins belonging to the same generation).

  4. Well, it’s a fiction and Chisato is a goddess so technically they can do whatever they want and his grandkdis won’t be mutants…
    Also Mio and Maria are not his sisters by blood so that’s that.

    1. That was back when Basara wasn’t aware of everything. Once he’s aware of everything she refers to Raphaeline as her cousin.

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