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Just figured I would let people know that the site might load slow or behave irregularly tomorrow (March 14th 2019) due to Maintenance. So don’t freakout or act like the sky is falling.

20 thoughts on “Site maintenance

  1. when basara visits chisatos place for the first time in vol4 i believe is she only wearing a white shirt like she did in the ova1?

    1. Yeah I’m pretty sure she’s only wearing the white shirt and stockings. She’s made it a bit of a habit not to wear much in terms of clothes, while in the privacy of her own home.

  2. ok im done
    next question, was the dreamlike service chisato scene from s2 the one from infirmary after he loses his arm briefly anime only scene or did it happen in the novel too

    1. The dreamlike service scene in episode 3 of Burst is anime original content. In the LN Chisato just looks at Basara’s phone and then kisses him.

    1. I might post some Sweet! because I’m looking into whether or not a certain ero loli succubus’ vow scene is going to violate the ToS with my host. There’s a specific line that I’m fairly certain will be flagged. So I have to dig into the weeds and make sure everything is okay before I post it.

    1. Not really sure, but Zolgear was never in control of the situation, and would have ended up dead regardless of whether or not Basara intervened.

  3. Mika made her longawaited appearance in the Overdone whatever mango, now I need more of her so somebody translate her parts from ln

    1. Soon™. I’m probably going to go with posting some Sweet! for now. I need to check with the terms of use of my host, because Maria’s vow scene is almost certainly going to get flagged.

        1. Looking at and waiting for support to get back to me before I post to be safe. I don’t really want to spend money to make another site again.

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