Sweet Prologue

I went with posting some SWEET! this month instead of volume 11, because I’m still looking into the terms of service with my host. Unlike with the first site (which was free), I spent really good money on this website to keep it going for years and years to come. Although explicit content is allowed with my host, I’m looking into things, because Maria’s vow scene most likely falls into the grey area. Most author’s pussyfoot when it comes to loli service, but Uesu goes in the opposite direction with volume 11 and delivers for loli fans. There’s a part that’s totally Insert “FBI, loli police, or pedo pear” memes. So I’m making sure everything is good before posting.

32 thoughts on “Sweet Prologue

  1. Good stuff, although the one I’m looking forward to the most is Zest’s scene. Keep it up though ,you’re doing amazing work!

    1. I don’t really do all that much outside of beating a metaphorical drum. Zest’s scene is fun. Uesu uses a fairly interesting euphemism during it.

  2. When are you gonna post the rest of volume 12, also are you gonna make summaries for the previous volumes?

    1. Most likely sometime before volume 13 is released. Maybe I’ll post some of chapter 2 in the near future as a teaser. Not sure if I’ll make summaries for the previous volumes, because the anime does a decent job of summarizing the main events of the majority of the earlier volumes. I might point out the plot points that the anime omitted though.

  3. Ah man just finished volume 10, dying to see the continuation of the vows 🙁 hopefully it gets sorted soon

    1. It’s not the scene that’s the problem. There’s just very specific terminology at one part in particular that makes it “FBI open up”.

  4. If i was to donate would i be able to get all of volume 11 and 12? I dont enjoy waiting around 🙂 if not do you think you can get the ToS sorted. Ty for the hard work

    1. We still have volume 13 to look forward to. Overdone volume 2 is releasing at the end of the month. I’m hoping that the physical version of volume 2 has an ad for Shinmai volume 13. I check sneaker bunko’s product page religiously, waiting for them to update their June titles. If Shinmai volume 13 is still going to make the spring release window, then it would have to release in June.

  5. If there is a problem with the ToS, I guess you should shift your website to a blogspot(google blogger)
    As far as I know, they have an option for R-18 works

    1. You get points for a creative name and actually calling it Overdone instead of volume 1’s subtitle. Honestly I haven’t finished reading volume and briefly gave the trial reading for volume 2 a look the other day. I think you meant comes btw.

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