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It’s been a pretty good week for Uesu with the release of Volume 2 of the Overdone light novel and the first tank for the manga. I still haven’t finished reading volume 1 of the LN, but did take a look at Mika’s scene. The parallels with Shinmai continue seeing as the scene is very similar to Basara and Chisato’s scene in her apartment from Shinmai volume 6. The difference with Overdone is that there’s 7 year old girls watching from outside the window courtesy of Sirou.

Volume 1 or at least what i’ve read of it, feels like a glorified introduction to the world and characters. So i’m excited things are finally starting to really get interesting with this volume. Unfortunately there was no news of Shinmai volume 13 in the afterword. I’ll have word on whether or not he physical version might have come with an advertisement at some point tomorrow morning, when a friend of mine gets back to me. I’m really happy Uesu seems to be in a writing mood again. Overdone volume 2 longer than Shinmai volume 11 by about 20 pages. Seriously hoping he keeps the same energy with the new content in Shinmai volume 13.

I bought the first tank for Overdone the other day. Some people might be turned off by the art, but it’s the manga artist’s first series. In my opinion, the art has gotten much better recently and should continue to get better over the course of the series. I really enjoy the emotion the manga artist adds to the characters through their facial expressions. It’s something you don’t really get with Gohands art. For anyone that follows the manga, the tank ends with the chapter where Sirou and Renya blow up the truck. In terms of bonus, Uesu wrote an SS for the manga that sheds a bit more light on Yui. Uesu seems to like girls with G cup tits seeing as she’s a G cup like Mio in early Shinmai. Next volume is going to be better automatically since Mika makes her debut.

If you like Uesu you should support him and purchase either the light novel or manga from amazon, bookwalker, or whatever platform you prefer.

35 thoughts on “Support Uesu and Purchase Overdone volume 2

  1. There is one pretty great illustration of mika in vol 2 but why is one of the twins making out with one of the secondary male characters? I thought MC is gonna collect them all

  2. Can you give us a summary for volume 1 please? Still don’t know what happened. Tried finding spoilers but got zilch.

    1. I still haven’t finished reading volume 1 myself and have only briefly skimmed through volume 2. Honestly i’m just going to pay Jhunnius to write a summary while he TL’s SWEET.

    1. She’s smiling at young kids as she’s getting “Chisato volume 6ed into the window. Volume 1 left it kinda gray, but this volume confirmed they haven’t had sex yet. I’m really jealous she actually gets to fight unlike Chisato.

      1. Oh has Shirou inserted his bratwurst into Mika’s sausage factory (into da panty) from behind as well in that image?
        That was the best illustrator from vol 2, the other ones were kind of there, three topless Yui pics or sumthing

        1. Yeah that’s why I said she got Chisato volume 6ed lol. Uesu said the Mika illustration was actually added at the list minute before the deadline.

  3. heh heh, it must not be easy to serve the wishes of Lord Uesu now that people are piling up their demands in your hands. as a long time visitor of the site, I remember the days of silence in the comments. speaking of chisato getting windowed hard, now it’s like watching a buk kake scene where everyone surround cbc and blast him with their hard questions, making a frosty cake of him
    I dont care what anyone says, Mika Ougami > Chisato, fight me irl

    1. Site comments aren’t that bad. The inbox of my email is insane. Sometimes my email has to enter into a cool down state when trying to communicate with the 500+ donors. Mika is a total badass. Expect her and Sirou to always beat the piss out of their enemies. According to Uesu they’re kind of like One Punch Man. However so far, she lacks Chisato’s warmth.

    1. Yeah Mika’s scene should be happening fairly soon. Uesu did say to expect some derivations with the LN at some point though.

  4. Where can we read voume 1? Also is volume 11 of sister new testament going to have its own pdf?

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