Volume 11 chapter 1

I decided to hold back on the the prologue for volume 11 because I still haven’t decided how I’m going to deal with the debatably pedo shit in Maria’s vow that clearly violates the “No pedo shit” in my host’s ToS .I’m debating between full omission or just editing it to make it worth within the ToS. Anyway’s Volume 11 chapter 1 is all hands on deck. The ensemble cast comes together to put in some work. Uesu tried his best to work in the majority of the most memorable characters and give everybody a moment to shine. This is something he carries over into the fights in Overdone. Some of the things that happen in this chapter heavily influence the ways in which some of the characters act and the decisions they make in volume 12.

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    1. I like my site and the edit I’m going to make isn’t going to change much. It’s just going to make a very specific part in line with the ToS.

  1. Thank you friend for the chapter. As for the whole problem your facing with the pedo shit, maybe it’s best to remember how she and kurumi are the same age and thus only a year or so younger than basara, therefore shouldn’t be considered pedo just plain old semi-lolicon.

    1. It has nothing to do with Maria’s age, but everything to do with Uesu’s choice of words at a specific point.

          1. I never said that the chapter was there, I just said that if you do put a download link to the chapter on discord that it would be easy to just make an account to be able do download it if you happen to put up a download link.

          1. I never once said that it was there, I mentioned that you could get around the TOS by posting a download link there.

  2. In my experience is best to not rock the boat, you should skip the Maria pledge as it will still be available for donators. Those who want to read it can cough up $10 USD.

    1. I don’t plan on rocking the boat. I really like my site. I’m leaning towards just making an edit to “that very specific part” to make it safe for public release. It’s not going to change the original meaning. “That specific part” will just no longer be clearly ToS violating pedo shit.

  3. Unpopular opinion but screw the prologue. Screw it the way Basara screwed Yuki in that particular part.

    1. Because I like my site and can deal with the issue without resorting to using pastebin and like services.

  4. I understand we all want to read the prologue but we just need to be patient. You guys are acting entitled to the prologue, we are lucky that CBC even decides to translate this series. So just chill out

    (Yes that’s my real name)

        1. The volume 11 prologue has been done. Donors have had access to it for about 2 years now. Since I was sick, I just haven’t had the time to make the necessary edits to make it safe for this site.

          1. I hope so cause I am a little impatient about is as its taking way to long to make some minor changes as u said. Anyway I will holdout a bit longer and I really hope you will finish it soon enough ??

  5. I don’t care at all about the pedo shit with Maria. Sexualizing lolis is a big turn off for me, that’s why I don’t give a fuck about this prologue. When are you gonna translate the rest of volume 12? And why isn’t there any doujin on Chisato?? Can you make a doujin about Chisato and animate season 3 of this anime?

    1. If you looked at the translation progress tab, you would see that volume 12 chapter 1 is already translated. If I had my own animation studio, I’d animate the rest of Shinmai lol.

  6. About Maria vow: why don’t you try upload that specific vow on some online notepad website or something?

      1. They’ll probably grow bigger in Overdone too as the series goes on. Magic and stuff. It’s very important for the plot development, thinks Uesu.

        1. Female characters in Uesu novels breast size correlates directly with their power level. The bigger the tits, the stronger the girl lol.

  7. I really would appreciate if you maybe just censor the part for the site and them put a download link for an uncensored version on discord or something. AS A NOTE THERE IS NOTHING THERE RIGHT NOW.

    Mostly because knowing part of it has been changed in that way is going to bug the heck out of me wondering what it was originally.

    This way it’s still here for people to enjoy and those that REALLY want to know what was removed can find out.

    Or heck maybe to simplify it just pin the original version of the changed part as a post on discord. Either way it will help deal with the annoyance of constantly wondering.

  8. I don’t know where to ask this but wanna know how many chapters / parts are there for vol 11? I saw the translation progress showing this vol is still in progress.

    1. Volume 11 consists of the prologue (7 parts), Chapter 1 ( 11 parts), Chapter 2 ( 24 parts) Epilogue ( 11 parts).

  9. I know this has been asked and answered before but no time to swim in a sea of comments right now so what is the correct reading order in terms of volumes/chapters/timeline. I started vol 6 and theres scenes set during events of vol 1.

        1. This is just off the top of my head
          Volume 1
          Volume 2
          Volume 6 (banana scene)
          Volume 3 color SS
          Volume 6 (story with the Mio and Yuki illustration where they are making preparations just in case Mio gets captured)
          Volume 3
          Volume 4
          Volume 6 (Chisato apartment)
          Volume 5
          Volume 6 (kurumi and Zest scene)
          Volume 7
          Volume 8 OVA (chisato SS)
          Volume 8
          EX 2 (essentially volume 8 chapter 2.5)
          Volume 11 SS (happens sometime between returning from the demon realm and volume 9)
          Volume 9
          Volume 10
          Volume 11
          Volume 12 chapter 1 (Chisato’s vow happens between the prologue and first chapter of volume 11)
          Volume 12 SS (Basara and Lar’s purchasing the wedding rings for the girls)
          Volume 12 chapter 2 (a month and a half has passed since volume 11’s epilogue).

          1. Much appreciated, lol what a grand timeline, I need to save your post onto a doc and keep track of these matters as I go through the novels. Once vol 12 translation is done, as well as everything else, can the contents for the donators be arranged in chronological order?

          2. Oh, its possible that I’ve missed such a list since I do not visit the folder very often. I’m only at volume six at my reread and typically I only go there around twice a month or so just to check the progress on vol 12 chapter 2

          3. Volume 13 might throw a monkey wrench in the chronology depending upon what’s included outside of the EX volumes and Jin content.

          4. Yes, the Jin story or stories probably takes place during and after volume 12. Hopefully the main cast will appear as well in some capacity. I think its a bit weird that Basara just accepted that Jin said no when he asked whether he needs help with the god business since it involves his mother.

          5. Looking back in hindsight, it would have been really bad for Basara to go off to the Divine realm though. Him not going was actually for the best. Uesu’s rationale though is that he wants to focus on Jin though.

          6. All I know is that Basara knows that his mother is imprisoned and he actually has the power to fight to free her. It’s ok for the author to want to Jin have his own story/mission/quest, tho.

          7. It would have been cool to have Basara and Jin being all kinds of OP together, but Basara has his own shit to deal with. So it works out I guess.

  10. When you’re finished with Shinmai Maou, can you please work on Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica?

    1. It’s on the list. However it hasn’t really aged all that well when compared with Shinmai and Overdone. It’s really easy to see its flaws.

  11. Maybe unpopular opinion but I prefer Shinmai’s road to the sex stuff more than the actual sex stuff. In terms of service, I prefer volume 1-7 to volume 8-12. Around volume 12, every sentence seems to end with Basara somehow getting even bigger or ejaculating. It can’t touch the golden stuff from volume six.

    1. Opinions are always cool. Thanks for sharing. I personally prefer the fully developed characters by volume 12 in service scenes compared with how they were earlier in the series. Chisato lap pillow > volume 6.

        1. well then post a link to a file-sharer or a torrent link to all the volumes instead. people are waiting for the WHOLE story

  12. They’re still trying to figure out how to post the prologue due the loli maria scene. If only uesu had basara have sex with her in her adult then it wouldn’t be a issue. But then again we still would probably have to deal with the kurumi scene as well due to her being around maria’s age and therefore a loli as well. “Sigh” who knew posting translations would be so complicated. Now i see how the translators feel.

    1. Except Kurumi isn’t a loli and Uesu doesn’t describe Kurumi in a way that would violate ToS like Maria.

  13. Hey, so can you tell me that where do you post the translation works. For some reason, I’m not able to find it so can you tell me the site or give me the link.

    1. I’m not sure I understand your question? Content that i’ve released has been posted under the “sample and volume translations tab”.

  14. Sorry, I wasn’t specific. I wanted to know if you have pasted the prologue of Vol 11 somewhere else. I wanna read all the chapters

  15. So to make sure I’m understanding this, Volume 11 and 12 are publicly released in bits and pieces, but if I donate I can access the complete volumes and finish the series?

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