The Hero and the Demon Lord


Like I said, I would do an update after the game. This was a toss up between The Hero and the Demon Lord  or more Basara and Lars shenanigans which also includes what I would argue is the origins of “Cat Bitch Mio” (which can be seen in the volume 12 illustrations). Anyways I decided to go with the Hero and Demon Lord simply because it includes a majority of the characters that most people enjoy. Basara being in a situation where he feels screwed is fun, especially since he’s the dude that’s always overanalyzing and thinking about the beyond of the beyond of most situations.

I don’t know but i’ve really been feeling Yuki lately. It’s most likely because Yoshi has been posting a bunch of draft illustrations of Yuki. It’s really nice seeing Yuki totally in her element and being the one to help both Basara and Mio. Chisato’s idea of “helping” the situation was great and Maria would have been proud.

Totally off topic but to those of you that follow the NBA, we finally have ourselves a series.


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      1. Of course people are asking about the prologue. You you postpone and blueballed the prologue for 5 months.

    1. Ten chapters excluding the prologue and afterword. Keep in mind though, the entire volume is shorter than the second chapter of volume 12.

    1. We’ll be sticking with Uesu since the majority of the donors are fans of his writing, so Overdone and finishing Rogue Hero so that it can rest in peace is up next. So no plans to pick up Ecstas. I wish you the best of luck finding somebody or a group though.

      1. Thumbs up for possible Overdone translations. I ask you not of the prologue, but the new Uesu novel in English

  1. Saw overdone vol 2 illustrations and in one of them where mc is making out with yuki in lingerie, yuki has her hand behind her body almost as if shes strikibg mc’s pee-pee. My question is does mc’s pee-pee see lots of action in volume 2? In shinmai it took many volumes for mc’s pee-pee enter the party

    1. Shinmai only took 4 volumes for Basara to start getting serviced. Mika is the only one servicing Sirou, Yui isn’t ready to cross that bridge just yet.

  2. Do you think at some point after “Shinmai” is finished we might get a “Shinmai if”? Like an alternate retelling of the story, I’ve noticed lots of series in Japan have what if stories.

    1. So far Shinmai has had a satisfying ending. Haven’t really seen many people (Japanese included) complain about the way Uesu has been handling the ending.

      Personally I would much rather see a prequel series focused on everything leading up to the Great War.

      Uesu has get togethers with 20 of his friends that work in the industry (authors, artists, animators). They shoot the shit and come up with stuff so an “if” story isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility.

      1. I’m sure I’ve come across “if” stories before which take place in the real world without supernatural elements, I wonder if the same could be done for Shinmai?

  3. What do you mean by you’ve found a series? You guys gonna translate a new series? If yes, which series is it?

    1. Ohh that was in reference to the NBA finals. Little did I know Toronto would go on to win the next two games, and position themselves to win the NBA tonight. With regards to other LN’s the donors want Overdone and Rogue Hero next.

  4. the idea of inserting ur rowdy rod into womans underwear regularly and havin this odd pseudo-banging is really weird, wtf author you bizarre sex pervert

      1. When Mio and Basara were goofing in the bathroom and they ended down on the floor, she should have left his ass as soon as he went weird and asked whether he can insert his thingy into her panty and sort of rub himself back and forth against her. What a sex weirdo, and that became his signature move for only buddha knows how long as seen in volume 9 when he does the same weirdo tactic to tachibana and they keep inserting his massive fruit into everyones underwear during jazucci shopping as well. The work of a true sex pervert indeed

        1. Can you really blame Basara for wanting and proactively pursuing some variety in the non penetrative sexual acts done with his harem? Uesu writing the same lewd scenes over and over again would have gotten boring fast. You’re making a moot point anyways considering Basara has sex with his harem on a regular basis.

          1. I don’t blame the guy for his strange thrusting habits, not really, everything’s fine all the time, and all of us males have microwaved beef jerky and stuffed into a Pringles can before going to town at some point in our lives, it’s just that the crusty underwear method of pleasure between willing guys and girls tghat want to bone each other comes back in Shattered Devil Taboos and that’s when penises start shooting off like rockets

  5. If Basara were an American nearing his fifties, which one of his many wives would he give a drunken beating to?

        1. Kissing, tit sucking, Paizuri, Blow job, and it ends with her spreading her legs and implied “not sex”. This upcoming manga chapter very well could focus on Mika’s backstory though. The LN volume 3 should be fun since Uesu is continuing recycling Chisato’s greatest hits with a hot spring scene for Mika.

  6. I’m only interested in getting a semi-detailed summary of Overdone vol 1&2 to know fully what’s going on

    1. Most likely not today. I’m going to make an update once the Kawhi free agency shenanigans in the NBA are over.

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