No update until after Board Man Makes his Decision

Hey folks,

I’m a big NBA fan and won’t be posting an update until Kawhi Leonard makes his decision on free agency. Hopefully he makes the right choice, because I’m not sure what i’m going to do if he doesn’t lol.

In Shinmai related news,

Although we’re way past the original “early 2019” (by Uesu’s own words in the Sneaker) and the “Spring 2019” (that was advertised in Overdone volume 1), we do have an update on the status of volume 13. Ookuma said back on the 16th of June that it’s coming soon. So the wait continues.

47 thoughts on “No update until after Board Man Makes his Decision

  1. Things that are either better or bigger than basketball:
    – Hockey
    – Hasegawa’s rack

      1. How dare you, you unsophisticated fool.
        Well, golf is the only real sport that matters anyway.

    1. ^^ That’s how I felt waiting for Uesu to confirm Chisato’s fate. I was slightly confident, but shook at the same time lol. The months between volumes 10 and 11 were dark times lol.

  2. It’s really sad that there’s no ntr doujin of Mio and zolgear even though it was a possibility in the show. Btw is this drawing made by the artist of the novel? And could you tell me a date when I can expect the rest of the novel to be uploaded for the free readers?

    1. The doujins never wrote themselves lol. Actually it wasn’t a possibility in the show or LN considering the entire reason Sheila was there, was to prevent something like that from happening.

      Yeah that’s an ookuma (the LN illustrator) illustration. To answer your last question, soon™.

  3. Where is that new pic from, is it official, will it get coloured in fully? Beause holy crap Chisato looks incredible.

    1. It’s from Ookuma’s twitter. He’s getting a new computer and has been drawing stuff freehand lately. He does intend to fully color it.

    1. I really thought it was a joke when I first found out. Totally hilarious though, that Kawhi waited until folks were all on edge over the earthquake before announcing.

  4. What is this update that people keep asking? Volume 12?
    What I want is the “patch notes” of recent changes done to vol 12 chapter 1 & volume 12 summary & whatever else that lies in that sacred place. I can see that files were modified but I can’t tell the difference from just glancing through them. Probably just grammar fixes, me thinks.

    1. It usually has to do with a very common mistake. Some folks click trash instead of download which removes the files by mistake and then I have to go back in and add them back. That’s why you might see them as recently modified.

      1. Oh, and here I was scanning chapter 1 with a magnifying glass to check whether Basara received a third dick via patch

    1. I take that as a Phil Collins reference. The last time somebody made a Phil Collins reference disappointment came my way.

  5. Do you guys ever stop to consider that hounding him for the prologue maybe, just maybe might make him to put it off longer out of spite?

    1. I’ve actually been in bed sick the past couple of days. I’ll get around to posting it tonight though.

      1. May the Ten Gods watch over you, and may Basara treat you throat the way he treats the throats of… well…

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