Side Characters Deserve there chance in the limelight

I had a plan for this month, but then I got sick (i’m one of those people that never get sick), which has resulted in going with Why I Can’t Be Honest With You . Anyways I really like this chapter, because it focuses on two characters that don’t really get all that much focus. Rikka turning into a bumbling idiot because of Basara is funny. I’m personally not the biggest Nanao fan (vampire fangs just aren’t my thing) however, I like the way she was written in this particular scene. The gender pronouns sometimes switch between he and she on purpose. At this point, Nanao was still conflicted about how she self identified, as well as her feelings for Basara.

Hopefully Afeuria blesses me with a speedy recovery, because I hate being sick.

39 thoughts on “Side Characters Deserve there chance in the limelight

  1. What a swerve, yo. People gunna get mad.
    Unpopular opinion but Rikka > Tachibana, Zest, Yuki’s sister, maybe some others
    She’s definitely part of Shinmai’s cut content list. Her characters and her feelings towards the Big B(asara) continue to get screentime in volume 12 despite not getting to join them.

  2. I was expecting chapter 11 but that’s ok. But keep in mind that You will end up running out of side stories between the public release of volume 11 and 12.
    Man the teasing is real ????

  3. Have they announced a delay of the next manga chapter for Overdone anywhere? For the most part it seems like they’ve been releasing two chapters a month, which usually translates to biweekly releases. However, last month they skipped a week, and this month they’ve skipped two weeks in a row and I’m starting to get pissed. I’ve been trying to get a week of nofap in preparation for Mika’s lewd scenes, but since they haven’t released the chapter yet, those nofaps have been in vain. I’m especially mad because the MMO Mom anime just had a super lewd scene in the newest episode, which I could’ve and probably should’ve done nofap for instead. Sorry, but I just needed to vent about this somewhere, and this seems like the only appropriate place to do that.

    1. I appreciate that you feel this is a safe space to vent, but too much information lol. Anyways chapters are usually released bi-weekly. I’m under the impression that the mangaka has been dealing with some health issues related to his arm, I did reach out so hopefully he responds soon.

      1. He’s talking about “okaasan online”. I ended up watching it yesterday. It isn’t really all that lewd, but the retro game sounds and “loading screens” were pretty funny to me.

  4. Does the mangaka have a twitter I can follow? In general, it’d be nice to have more sources of information on this series that I can check in on.

      1. Thank you so much, from the tweet on June 26th it sounds like it can’t go much further than the scene of her stripping in the last chapter. That sucks but oh well, at least what we did get is still pretty nice.

        1. The next two chapters (not sure how the flashback is going to be addressed) should determine how far the manga is willing to go in terms of lewds. Mika’s Leotard coming off was more or less just the beginning of the scene.

          1. I wish I had known that 2-3 weeks ago, guess I’ll have to muster up the willpower to not check it until next Saturday. Or maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll do her flashback this next chapter.

          2. Does the part in the latest manga chapter take place later than the Mika scene? Is there any chance of next chapter going back to the Mika stuff, or is all hope lost?
            Its not surprising that they would skip that scene, but still incredibly disappointing. Oh well, hopefully they’ll give Mika a color illustration in the next LN volume.

  5. Any idea when the translated versions of the overdone manga will appear? And when will a page for the series, both light novel and manga, appear on wikipedia? I’d make it myself if i knew how and had more info on the story and characters.

  6. Overdone gaining popularity I see, or at least the character of Mika Ougami. Fifty points to Wolf Brigade. Can Overdone info be added to the Shinmai wiki?

    1. Completely different series, however Uesu has left the door open for Basara and Mio possibly making a brief cameo of some form in an SS.

  7. Wow, the newest Overdone chapter was more disappointing than my son.
    When is volume 3 cumming out again and what do we know about ti so far?

    1. The more I think about it, the more disappointed I get. I had a sneaking suspicion that they might do Mika’s backstory this week rather than the lewd scene, which would have been mildy disappointing but still okay, but instead we got a boring Yui chapter.

      1. I really thought they were at the very least going to show the flash back on when Sirou was sent to Mika’s world. Kinda odd they didn’t show that considering that’s how Sirou gets the sins. This “boring” Yui chapter is setting up when they go to the Yakuza dude that has a harem full of NTRed girls.

        1. Is Mika’s world your typical isekai fantasy land with magic? Did Sirou gain the sins by defeating monsters/dudes on Mika’s behalf or something? It would be kinda nice if the manga would adapt interesting stuff.

          1. Yeah it’s a standard isekai world with magic and shit. The Gods aren’t allowed to help humans, So Mika summons Sirou from his world. He trains, he gets his sword, and then goes on to defeat the demon things, get the sins, and then go back to his world.

    2. Not sure when volume 3 is coming out. It seems like Kodansha tries to release the novel and manga around the same time. Wouldn’t surprise me if they keep following this trend. All we really know is that Rem is going to get her first fan service scene, and Mika is going to have a onsen scene.

      1. Response to the comment about Mika’s world up there:

        That’s disappointing to hear. Sometimes I really wish that an isekai world could be interesting, something new, or at least have something unique about them.

        While the Demon World wasn’t really interesting or special in Shinmai either, Uesu-dude did pretty decent job with the politics and worldbuilding but this would have been the time to do something new and better. 150 points from Uesu-dude, Sirou-dude, and the whole darn Overdone series.

  8. Ookuma posted the fully colored Chisato,Zest,Basara,Kurumi pic on his twitter… and it’s pretty bad tbh. He posted a Mio image as well and the coloring job is pretty in both

    1. Yeah he finished the one he was working on. I hope you know both illustrations were done by hand with just markers…

      1. I expect 150% quality from Mr Ookuma so I shall not lower my expectitions for his work after seeing what the fella can do. Taking a paint enema and farting the colors on a drawing won’t do, no sir!

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