Ookuma has an Amazon Wishlist

Hey everyone,

This is predominately aimed at the folks that don’t have or follow Ookuma on twitter, but he has an amazon wishlist. I know a bunch of folks have done their part to support the series with buying the BD’s, manga, LN, and other merchandise. However consider purchasing something off his amazon wishlist. Especially if you want to extend your thanks beyond likes, retweets, and comments. It would be nice to see the fandom give back to one of the dudes that has given us so much over the years.

*EDIT* I bought the Copic markers for him.

38 thoughts on “Ookuma has an Amazon Wishlist

  1. Let’s be real here, the only thing he really cares about is all the microtransaction extra big boy guns for his Call of Duty/Rainbow 6/every other identical first person military shooting games.

    1. The only game he’s been really playing for the last few months is APEX. I bought him the big boy pack of markers. You should buy him the coke (although it’s literally one of the worst drinks you can consume).

  2. Today is not the day when I buy some random guy the filthy porn he wants, lol. Not paying for his hunky male escorts either, or whoever those buff dudes from LA are. As for the normal stuff like soda, I would rather buy him actual coke than coke zero

    1. You could just buy him a practical gift like markers lol. Somebody took my advice and bought the curry paste lol.

  3. I’ve never bothered to translate the pervy panda illustrator’s tweets despite my curiosity, does he ever tweet anything useful, or is it just guns and titties? Is his ego massive because of how amazing his work is?

    1. Honestly Ookuma is a real humble dude. He usually tweets about moments during his day, about food, stuff he’s watching or planning to watch, guns, and his APEX stream. Occasionally he shares some things he’s working on.

  4. Just saw on the shinmai maou wiki that nanao is part of the red lotus clan of vampires. Any idea which volume this was mentioned?

    1. I’m honestly not sure when that was mentioned. I don’t remember Uesu getting that specific regarding vampires. If anything it would be mentioned in either volumes 4 or 6.

    1. As of last week, Ookuma said it’s coming soon. I’m now able to speak with him directly so I might be able to pry out some nuggets of information.

  5. You plan on dropping the prologue for volume 11 anytime soon or are you still having issues? Plus how do you become a donor?

  6. Good lord leave the man alone. He’ll post it when he’s ready. I’m getting secondhand irritation here.

    1. He said he was going to post a new volume each month before but we don’t even get a chapter. I’m more irritated than and at you.

  7. CBC is gonna have a rebellion in his hands soon.
    Uesu isn’t very descriptive with his sexuals so it’s mainly just telling the readers how Basara somehow gets bigger, how him and the girls take turns blowing loads constantly, erotic sound dialogues from eroge games plus cries for oniichan, and silly nicknames for genitalia. Uesu tells the reader what’s happening instead of showing it, so fifty points from him.
    Even in volume 12 he just tells that Celis and those other two gave Basara a threeway blowjob and then he blew his laod all over them and that’s it. No buys.

    1. It’s better than what the highschool dxd writer dose He so lazy all it’s been is the girls get into the bath with him the mc has no balls in true volume 2 he asked the girls to all do it with him at the same time for his first time and they all agreed like it was nothing when In past volumes the girls say they where shy when it comes to doing that kind of stuff in front of each other not that he’s going to show it if they did anyway. its just gone down hill so far. And that’s all u get.

      1. I personally don’t subscribe to the “it’s the editors fault” excuse that folks have been circulating around for years. The dude clearly doesn’t want to or isn’t comfortable writing porn, and that’s perfectly fine.

    2. I would say Uesu strikes a pretty decent balance between showing versus telling. He’s still the gold standard for these types of LN’s. He’s already a word writer. I’m pretty sure he shows as much as he can. If he showed anymore shit would be hit with that R18 label.

    1. You’ll most certainly never get the “proloque” from me at least, but it’s something that can apparently be found on Apples App store. To answer the second part of your question soon.

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