Takashi is one of Basara’s important childhood friends, and according to Uesu he’s the true tsundere of the series. This story shows a bit of the softer side of Takashi that doesn’t really come across between the anime, manga, and early volumes of the LN’s. It leads directly into volume 9 and shows Takashi’s cooking skills in action. It would be fun to one day see a cooking competition between Chisato, Maria, Yuki, Zest, and Takashi.

59 thoughts on “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A HERO

  1. New chapter of Overdone recently dropped and now the characters are in a fancy party of some kind for some reason. I just can’t follow the story of that series at all from images alone which is not gud. Anyone know what’s happening??

    1. In the next chapter, we should be meeting this dude who essentially has a harem of girls he’s NTRed. A girl could be an 11/10 and he wouldn’t interested in her, unless she had a boyfriend. The wolf brigade is essentially infiltrating his club on a mission. Sirou and Yui are going to act like a couple.

      1. Right, I remember hearing something about that. MC and the girl “perform” to get the guy’s attention. So what is then their mission? What is the purpose and main objctive of the Brigade?

        1. Mika sends them on a mission to infiltrate NTR Bro’s club and to capture him, because he’s been going around the city NTRing girls and killing them.

          1. Oh okay, thanks. I guess they generally fight against crime then to clean up the city from all the scum, perhaps on the side while their true mission is to kill a vampire (???) according to a tagline associated with volume 2 cover that I can’t seem to find anymore , but this illustration seems to to support that idea: https://yande.re/post/show/536032

  2. Has there been any word about what are authors Kuji Masamune (HxH Gakuen) and Misaki Jun (Hundred) up to now that their big series’ have ended? Are they working on something new?

    1. Both of them are releasing new series. Misaki Jun actually writes R18 novels lol. I’m honestly not sure why he hasn’t tried to write a borderline h novel.

  3. CLaire is too good for that unremarkable and boring series. She should be lifted out of Hundred and dropped into some much more meaningful series. Speaking of Hundred, I think it’s pretty wild that a character that only appeared once in the series, in a single chapter, received pretty awesome illustration from Ookuma. Her name is Kikka Kastlen. What a disappointment it was.

    1. Claire was too good for the series, but I respect Misaki Jun’s decision with regards to the ending. It’s rare to get one those types of endings as of late. Haven’t really talked Hundred with Ookuma, but I’ll be sure to ask his opinion of the ending.

  4. where can i donate so i can read maria’s vow early? i am curious like all the lurkers silently crying whenever you drop a new post and it isnt it xD

  5. Bet this months post is going to be some side story about basara’s dads picture taking. Not saying there is one but if there was wouldn’t surprise me.

  6. i just wish they make a Hent*i version of vol.11 or 12 of Shinmai no testament…. or make it more lewd….lol….specially after reading the summary of that said vol’s …… damn

    1. You can say “hentai” lol. My question to people wanting an H-anime adaptation. Would you be salty if Queen-Bee made a H slide show?

    1. I work for a public foundation that gives money to different groups trying to make an impact in their community. So I spend a bunch of my time flying around and meeting with the different groups.

  7. That sounds interesting. Definitely a good way to meet some outstanding people. Although I bet the constant time-shifting is killer on your sleep and eating schedule.

  8. Stuart, at this point you’re better off just donating, then you can wank all you want. If you can afford whatever device you’re on and the internet bill, you can certainly afford the $10 minimum donation. Just a thought.

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