Enjoy Volume 11 TODAY is SOON TM

The homie OwEnDss98 is the only painter with Ookuma’s blessing

When you have over 1200 donors it gets hard to keep everything locked in the zero dimension. The version of volume 11 currently making the rounds on LN aggregator sites is a draft version that never went through the final editing process (it’s also missing some cool things along with the afterword). Just because something is finished doesn’t mean it’s necessarily ready for public consumption. So the context and meaning of certain things are different. Anyways enjoy the volume as it was originally intended to be consumed.

I kinda just wanted to post a picture of Vasaline but that would be doing volume 11 a disservice. The twin pillars of Uesu’s writing are entertaining service scenes and entertaining action scenes. Whether you’re reading the lewds, the battles, the politics, or even the mundane slice of life stuff it’s difficult to find yourself bored. Uesu was able to give all of the characters a chance in the lime light to show their stuff. I really like the way that Uesu brings everything full circle with Banishing Shift, Basara’s original sin, and a very specific lesson taught to him by a certain goddess all come together at a specific point in the volume.

As I tell people all the time. Volume 11 is the perfect anime ending for the series. Outside of the two bombshells that Uesu drops. Everything else is wrapped up in a satisfying way. I hope other authors take some notes because this is how you write a true harem ending.

8 thoughts on “Enjoy Volume 11 TODAY is SOON TM

  1. Thank you friend. I forgive you for the april fool’s day prank. This makes up for it greatly.

  2. Wow just wow . The picture was just amazing with the coloring. And by the way, you are right. I have read repeatedly the volume 11 summary and it is the king of harem endings. Love it ???. Can’t wait to see the full thing.

  3. Out of curiosity, what was the Maria line that kept you from posting it originally, if you’re allowed to say that in here.

    1. Volume 13 is happening. It isn’t just a fan rumor. Uesu said it’s happening in volume 12’s afterword, His piece in the Sneaker, and The physical copy of Yarisugita volume 1 came with an ad for it. Ookuma is also one of my friends and has confirmed it to be happening as well.

  4. So this finally ends huh? it was much more way to awesome than I could imagine Including their battle and ending it was just too much. HOw Shiba act now is also an omega-level surprise but its good this way I think. I am really curious about what will happen in next Volume although I know a bit now. Thank you very much for finally made it to the end here

    PS I wonder how long will take it to at least posted something to Volume 13 (like some pictures, info about story or so.) Moreover, it was said to be posted in January 2019. it’s already a year and a half from that time

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