The Epilogue of The Epilogue

I’m not sure why aggregators feel the need to post something that’s clearly missing the ending. Some people must really need all that money from web traffic and ad revenue. I guess not everybody has the means to keep their websites completely ad free.

That’s enough shade from me. Anyways moving on, enjoy volume 12 as it was originally intended to be enjoyed. For those of you that enjoy fights you’ll be disappointed since there isn’t actually any fighting. However you do get to learn in detail about what exactly lead to Basara being able to defeat Shiba. Volume 11 is written as if it was an evenly matched battle. But during Chisato and Shiba’s conversation in the epilogue, readers learn that wasn’t exactly the case. Volume 12 goes into detail as to why Shiba lost. Chisato also gets to follow through on her parting words to Shiba back in volume 10 that “her feelings would be what defeats him”.

Had Chisato’s vow been included in volume 11 it would have ruined the tension between Basara and Shiba’s battle and it would have also spoiled the pregnancy bombshell during the epilogue. So looking back Uesu made a smart move to place it in volume 12 instead.

Plot points introduced in volume 11’s epilogue properly get addressed. In chapter 2, we get to see the progress Basara has made with regards to the new alliance as well as the challenges that have come along with it. We also get an update on Jin and the progress he’s making in the Divine Realm.

For those of you that like fanservice you won’t be disappointed. According to Uesu the editing process for volume 12 was “entertaining”. There’s a bunch of sex this volume, but there’s a purpose behind it. The characters aren’t having sex for the sake of having sex. The girls in their own way are trying to help Celis come to a decision on how she wants to live her life and whether or not she has the resolve to live her life like the other girls.

My favorite moment in the volume is actually the conversation Basara and Chisato’s conversation with Celis right before the start of the vows for that night. It was nice to seeing Basara take words of wisdom that helped him become the best version of himself and what drives him to be who he is, and impart them on Celis who was clearly struggling with finding the resolve to be true to herself.

One point Uesu really tried to drive home was how throughout the entire series Basara has never asked for the contracts and even the vow in the climax of the series. It’s also been something that the girls asked of him. The way Uesu handled the rings was well done. Basara got to be the one to vow to Mio (and by extension the other girls) that he’s going to love all of them forever. Basara deserves bonus points for the way he hid the box of rings before hand. Other harem MC’s might want to take notes on how to be romantic.

So if this was really the ending to things then Uesu yet again provided yet another satisfying ending. However in the Afterword, he actually apologizes for not releasing the Jin story set in the divine realm alongside volume 12. He says it wouldn’t have fit and fans will basically just have to look forward to another volume. He ends by telling fans to stick with him and look forward to the real final volume of the series.

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  1. As always thx for all the hard work, a great TRUE fanservice/harem work for sure, not like most trash with a wimp mc who has 10 girls following him for reasons that can’t be understood in any plane of existence, and nothing ends up happening anyway they all stay as friends.

    Anyways imma truly miss this one I know that there’s 1 more volume to come out but still this felt real nice.

    Sigh it truly is sad to leave this one behind …. Any other good harem like this ?

    1. Shinmai kinda spoiled me as far as harems are concerned. So most of them are kinda meh to me now. Thankfully Yarisugita isn’t really a harem.

      1. Yarisugita is a good r gular romance then ? Will you also be translating that brother ?

        Also really no other harem that’d you’d recommend ?

        1. Sirou is a known manwhore. He has sexual relationships with a bunch of different girls in Kichijōji. As of volume 3 it’s more like a love triangle between Sirou Mika and Yui.

          As of right now I’m not really reading any harems.

  2. Thank you brother for the translations, and amen to the truth you speak. That being said really one last volume comes out so we can see the wedding, how basara will solve his problem with rikka, basara seeing his moms again, and maybe a time leap that allows us to see his kids running around. What do you think?

    1. All I really need is the wedding, Basara’s reunion with his moms, and Chisato’s reunion with Raphaeline to be happy. The only problem that really has to be solved is the issue the lesser demon factions knowing Toujou family secrets. Rikka can remain an unrequited love lol.

  3. Rikka being added as official “mistress” or as a wedding present from the girls is all I need from the next vol as she deserves a happy ending as well. Besides I’m pretty sure the kings game at the party has already had some kind of permanent effect on her so now he just has to take responsibility. 😉

    1. Eight is a nice even number. Basara isn’t actively trying to expand his harem either. Rikka lost her chance to be with Basara around volume 4. Back then Yuki used to think Basara should have had a normal girlfriend and a normal life. She felt the closer he got to herself and Mio, the further he got away from being able to be normal. Rikka putting him on the committee for the sports festival ruined her chances since she unknowingly rehabbed Basara’s image through that and made him popular with girls.

  4. Important question, is there a new Ookuma illustrated LN coming up? The one with the cover of a blond lady that has big bongo honkers?

    1. You’re talking about “A Shota’s iseaki adventure with his sisters” (not it’s real title, just what I call it in discord). Yeah it released towards the end of last month. It’s actually a web novel turned into a light novel. Interestingly enough the author actually reached out to me which is kinda funny.

      1. Well good on Ookuma getting a job. Are the novel’s illustrations to be found somewhere? I like big bongos.

  5. Well, its been a long waiting but it was worth it. Celis’s reaction on their lewd relationship was topnotch funny hahah. It’s also good how Basara thinks about Lars, he helps him so much yet he can’t trust him completely either, there is so much mystery and unknown about him, most likely he is the out of the line character in the entire series, well kinda like that author make someone like that there. Shiba and Basara’s relationship also is quite funny, from life-death adversaries to Basara’s right-hand man and trump card. Regardless on that, he is reliable and surely can help him greatly in the future. I am really curious what will be in 13 Volume if it comes out at all.
    Thank you very much for releasing this epilogue of epilogue.

  6. Tanks man, I’m Brazilian too.
    I realy like this “light novel”, and this web site was the only one that I fond those volumes!!

  7. Great chapter, thanks a lot!
    But one question about the demon that shiba got spying on basara, do you think that he could be Sapphire or Jin using some kind of power to hide themselves from him? You can only pass trough basara’s barrier if you’re related to him somehow right? Could this be something that will tie volume 11 and 12 to the next volume 13 that will be probably about Jin freeing Raphaeline?

    1. Basara doesn’t keep a barrier up over the Toujou house. It’s implied the captured spy belongs to one of the lesser demon faction’s that is actively working against the alliance between the moderates and demon lord factions. The lesser factions need a splintered demon realm in order to have influence.

      It’s not Jin or Sapphire because by this point in time Sapphire has already been captured by the Ten Gods. As of volume 12 chapter 2, Jin and Fio have only been in the Divine Realm for a month and a half. Based upon what Uesu has said in the afterwords of volume 11 and 12, Volume 13 will cover the month and a half since Jin has been in the Divine Realm. logically the resolution to that will be all the characters finally being reunited at Basara and the girls wedding.

      1. Can I ask after this Volume there is Vol 13 Issue, in that volume is there is a chance that after Meeting with Basara Mother in the Wedding Day and the story lead to all girls giving birth to Basara Kid’s…? Yes or No

        1. All we know about volume 13 is that it’s going to include the Jin story that was originally supposed to be released alongside volume 12. We know Jin’s been in the divine realm for a month and a half as of volume 12, and that’s he’s defeated two of the Ten Gods that are part of the “Anti-Raphaeline” faction. Based upon his email to Basara in volume 12, we know he’s planning on attending the wedding with both Raphaeline and Sapphire. So volume 13 could possibly end with the wedding.

  8. Hi, sorry for being impatient but are there chances that volume 13 will be posted next? I’m just so excited to see Jin toujou in action.

  9. And i haven’t expressed enough how mind blowing volume 11 and 12 really was. You guys are awesome

  10. Hi. I just wanted to confirm if volume 13 is coming up this month or not yet? I’m just dying to get the chance to read jin toujou in action.

  11. Translator-san, can you point me to where I can read Shinmai from Vol 1 to 7? I’m new to Shinmai, I know of it first from manga to anime so I now want to read the LN in full. Please help me.

    1. I don’t do any of the translations. All that is handled by Nomi. I’m just the guy that started this project and happen to manage all of the administrative stuff related to the project and this site. I’m really just like all the other donors lol. Anyways you can easily find volumes 1-7 on Baka-tsuki. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out.

  12. Volume 13, will it just be about Jin? Or will you show the wedding scene? Will Aliais still have this second part? Because with the delay of last year and the pandemic of this year, we had no more news

    1. Volume 13 isn’t only going to be about Jin Raphaeline and Sapphire. However it’s just the only confirmed story to appear in volume 13. In the Sneaker, Uesu said Shinmai would be getting some special novels and short stories. So it’s pretty likely we’ll be getting the wedding along with some other content to wrap the series at some point.

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