Kadokawa Light Novel Expo 2020

Kadokawa are essentially getting their “Big 5” together and holding the largest light novel expo. This was supposed to take place last year, but covid had other plans. Be sure to vote for Shinmai in the lewd category. I’m not sure how much Uesu will be involved in the expo, but an award would be a great way to pull him out of his year long hibernation and put out Shinmai volume 13 and Yarisugita volume 4. Anyways be sure to vote once a day each day until the voting period is over. Be sure to tell a friend or two to vote as well.

Looking forward to 2021

As I said a couple days ago, I would do an update by the end of the month. Anyways it’s safe to say 2020 was a struggle for everyone. Hopefully we’re able to achieve a sense of normalcy again at some point in 2021. Have fun with the prologue and first chapter of Light! The writing is interesting in the sense that Basara isn’t the main character and Maria’s perspective is the focus. Wishing health, happiness, and success to everyone in 2021. I’m hoping that we’ll see Uesu be more active this year.

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone out there a merry Christmas and happy holiday season. Hopefully everyone is continuing to stay safe through this pandemic! FYI I will be doing an update by the end of the month. So stay tuned folks.

Enjoy Yarisugita Volume 1

I’m not into wrestling but if there was a title belt with the fidget spinner in the middle of it Uesu would be strutting around the ring with it. Shinmai volume 12 only emboldened him as a writer. He really went out of his way to make Yarisugita live up to its namesake and I’m here for him pushing the envelope. When it came to getting Yarisugita green lit (free nipples and all) Dude went into the meeting with the folks in charge and convinced them to let him have his way. “Muh publisher” and “Muh editor problems” be damned. In terms of fanservice, this volume really was just testing the waters. Uesu even happened to work in a sex scene for the people into those.

As a fan of Uesu, I’m really glad to see the dude is getting to live out some of his dreams and work with his favorite anime studio Gohands. Anyways, I’m enjoying the series and the characters so far. Without going into spoilers, Sirou is great and the way the volume ends is interesting with regards to whatever it’s setting up.

So now I’ll be going back to working and playing Ghost of Tsushima.

Den of the wolves

This chapter is classic Uesu food porn. I’m not sure why but he loves to include scenes of characters cooking and enjoying food together in his novels. This chapter you’re going to meet the rest of the members of the Hungry Wolf Brigade and you’ll also learn why Yui is being chased.

The Hungry Wolf Brigade

I kinda felt like posting chapter 1 of Yarisugita tonight. This is more a continuation of the prologue more than anything. You won’t really have much of an understanding of why Yui is being chased until chapter 2. However this chapter you get to learn a little bit more about Sirou, Yui, Mikoto, and how the lust parameter works in the series for lewds. You’ll get to meet one of Sirou’s “friends with benefits” and Rem and Renya both get their introductions. So have fun.

Stream Shinmai On HBO MAX

I know they only have the censored version available for streaming on HBO MAX, but for those of you subscribed to HBO MAX please show your support for the series and stream Shinmai on it. Hopefully crunchyroll eventually sends them the uncensored version and OVA’s.

The Epilogue of The Epilogue

I’m not sure why aggregators feel the need to post something that’s clearly missing the ending. Some people must really need all that money from web traffic and ad revenue. I guess not everybody has the means to keep their websites completely ad free.

That’s enough shade from me. Anyways moving on, enjoy volume 12 as it was originally intended to be enjoyed. For those of you that enjoy fights you’ll be disappointed since there isn’t actually any fighting. However you do get to learn in detail about what exactly lead to Basara being able to defeat Shiba. Volume 11 is written as if it was an evenly matched battle. But during Chisato and Shiba’s conversation in the epilogue, readers learn that wasn’t exactly the case. Volume 12 goes into detail as to why Shiba lost. Chisato also gets to follow through on her parting words to Shiba back in volume 10 that “her feelings would be what defeats him”.

Had Chisato’s vow been included in volume 11 it would have ruined the tension between Basara and Shiba’s battle and it would have also spoiled the pregnancy bombshell during the epilogue. So looking back Uesu made a smart move to place it in volume 12 instead.

Plot points introduced in volume 11’s epilogue properly get addressed. In chapter 2, we get to see the progress Basara has made with regards to the new alliance as well as the challenges that have come along with it. We also get an update on Jin and the progress he’s making in the Divine Realm.

For those of you that like fanservice you won’t be disappointed. According to Uesu the editing process for volume 12 was “entertaining”. There’s a bunch of sex this volume, but there’s a purpose behind it. The characters aren’t having sex for the sake of having sex. The girls in their own way are trying to help Celis come to a decision on how she wants to live her life and whether or not she has the resolve to live her life like the other girls.

My favorite moment in the volume is actually the conversation Basara and Chisato’s conversation with Celis right before the start of the vows for that night. It was nice to seeing Basara take words of wisdom that helped him become the best version of himself and what drives him to be who he is, and impart them on Celis who was clearly struggling with finding the resolve to be true to herself.

One point Uesu really tried to drive home was how throughout the entire series Basara has never asked for the contracts and even the vow in the climax of the series. It’s also been something that the girls asked of him. The way Uesu handled the rings was well done. Basara got to be the one to vow to Mio (and by extension the other girls) that he’s going to love all of them forever. Basara deserves bonus points for the way he hid the box of rings before hand. Other harem MC’s might want to take notes on how to be romantic.

So if this was really the ending to things then Uesu yet again provided yet another satisfying ending. However in the Afterword, he actually apologizes for not releasing the Jin story set in the divine realm alongside volume 12. He says it wouldn’t have fit and fans will basically just have to look forward to another volume. He ends by telling fans to stick with him and look forward to the real final volume of the series.