february Update

The Secrets of a Certain Competent Maid focuses on Lucia, eroge, the way she views the human world, as well as her relationship with her mother and sister. I’ve personally always liked her because of how different she is compared with Maria and Sheila. There’s this certain in series eroge title that appeared in the beginning of the series actually gets played in this chapter. Lucia has some fairly strong feelings regarding it. I’ll just say keep that in mind for when it pops back up again.

Anyways just a little bit of housekeeping. I will be spending the majority of the day traveling. So in the event you email me and I don’t respond within 2 minutes of receiving your email it’s most likely because I’m in the air.

So have a good one folks and remember to wash your hands so you don’t get Coronavirus!

January Update

Succubus Oriental answers the question of what would it be like to go on a date with Maria. Of course everything doesn’t go according to Maria’s plan. It does an interesting job with regards to contrasting the culture of the human world and demon realm when it comes to art, and it further explores the lens through which succubus view the human world. There’s some really good wholesome moments and Maria gets a bit of depth added to her that directly ties into her vow.

Yarisugita “Overdone” Volume 3 is out

Overdone Volume 3 released earlier today on Bookwalker. It will be released on amazon and other platforms February 3rd. I’m in the middle of doing a bunch of formatting for Shinmai related stuff so I haven’t had the opportunity to look at much of it yet. My curiosity did get the better of me and the ending of the volume is wild. If Gohands ends up making an anime and they adapt the first 3 volumes it’s going to be interesting to see how people react to the cliffhanger ending.

Translation will most likely be starting in February btw.

December Update

Happy end of the year! Hopefully everyone that participates in the various holidays during this holiday season was able to enjoy them. From what we know canonically, Basara and company end up spending their first holiday together in the demon realm dealing with all the political shenanigans they were forced into. So upon looking at the calendar, I’m pretty sure one of the first culturally important days they get to celebrate together actually happens to be Setsubun. Slayer of The Ogre Slayer fits well with the idea of family spending time together during the holidays. I also updated last months update. If you enjoy Maria and Kurumi together you’ll probably have fun with it. Zest and Yuki also have another interesting conversation that reveals quite a bit about the way Zest thinks.

Anyways I’m going to go enjoy New Years festivities. So have a good one folks.

November update

I hope those of you that are State side had a happy Thanksgiving and hopefully Black Friday deals were kind to you as well. Those of you participating in NNN hold strong, because it’s almost over. Since it’s still NNN I went with The Valentines of Sister New Devil. The majority of the main cast appears. The different approaches the pairings of girls take when it comes to Valentines is interesting. Yuki and Zest score some major waifu points.

In other news, Ookuma has a skeb page (it’s about $500 per illustration). The bad news is Shinmai and Hundred are off limits. He’s not allowed to monetize them, because he can run into rights issues with the IP’s. However I’m looking currently looking into a potential loophole.

October update


It’s still October 31st where I’m at so happy halloween to those that partake in festivities. For this month, I went with The Testament of White Day which will explain the origins of “Cat bitch Mio” (Uesu’s words not mine) and Toujou Family Goes to the Amusement Park for those of you who may have wanted some fanservice (Mio x Basara solo scene). There’s illustrations that accompany those chapters. I will be adding them sometime this weekend. I just have to do something with EXIII for Nomi first.

For those of you the follow Ookuma on twitter and like/retweet and watch his streams please continue to do so. It plays a factor into how we get nice things like this Mio and Chisato illustration. Those of you that also buy items off of his amazon wishlist (which is updated periodically) keep it up.

I will be doing two updates in October

Sorry I’ve been really busy all September, Therefore I’ll be doing two chapters this month. In the mean time enjoy this Nanao illustration Ookuma did for a certain Nanao fan. Celis, Zest, Yuki, Kurumi, and Maria are still in need of ring illustrations.


Takashi is one of Basara’s important childhood friends, and according to Uesu he’s the true tsundere of the series. This story shows a bit of the softer side of Takashi that doesn’t really come across between the anime, manga, and early volumes of the LN’s. It leads directly into volume 9 and shows Takashi’s cooking skills in action. It would be fun to one day see a cooking competition between Chisato, Maria, Yuki, Zest, and Takashi.

Ookuma has an Amazon Wishlist

Hey everyone,

This is predominately aimed at the folks that don’t have or follow Ookuma on twitter, but he has an amazon wishlist. I know a bunch of folks have done their part to support the series with buying the BD’s, manga, LN, and other merchandise. However consider purchasing something off his amazon wishlist. Especially if you want to extend your thanks beyond likes, retweets, and comments. It would be nice to see the fandom give back to one of the dudes that has given us so much over the years.

*EDIT* I bought the Copic markers for him.

Side Characters Deserve there chance in the limelight

I had a plan for this month, but then I got sick (i’m one of those people that never get sick), which has resulted in going with Why I Can’t Be Honest With You . Anyways I really like this chapter, because it focuses on two characters that don’t really get all that much focus. Rikka turning into a bumbling idiot because of Basara is funny. I’m personally not the biggest Nanao fan (vampire fangs just aren’t my thing) however, I like the way she was written in this particular scene. The gender pronouns sometimes switch between he and she on purpose. At this point, Nanao was still conflicted about how she self identified, as well as her feelings for Basara.

Hopefully Afeuria blesses me with a speedy recovery, because I hate being sick.